Irish Life was established in 1939 and has offered health insurance since 2016, when it was formed from Aviva Health and Glo Health

Irish Life offers health insurance as well as pensions and investments and life and income protection.

Irish Life is the third largest health insurer in Ireland, with an estimated 21% of the market. The Irish Life company as a whole has 1.6 million customers, and Irish Life Health has in the region of 504,300 health insurance customers.

Irish Life member benefits

Irish Life offers several unique preventative benefits to its members such as contributions towards life coaching sessions, fitness wearables, sports club/gym membership/classes fees, and Allen Carr smoking cessation sessions on some of their plans.

Back Up is a member benefit for those with back or neck pain. Following a consultation with a chartered physiotherapist, members can avail of a personalized plan for their back or neck condition, including access to physiotherapist treatment.

Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds from Irish Life offers members a range of ways to mind their mental health, including 6 phone, online, or face to face counseling consultations per year. This is available on all Irish Life health insurance plans.

Irish Life offers female health consultations, video consultations with GPs who specialize in women’s health.

Irish Life also offers unlimited visits to 20 minor injury clinics nationwide, meaning that minor illnesses, injuries, and sports injuries can be treated locally and quickly, without necessitating a lengthy trip to A&E.

mental health cover

Irish Life digital services

Irish Life focusses on providing digital health services to its members with Digital Doctor offering unlimited GP consultations by phone or video. This is available on most Irish Life plans and is a generous benefit.

Many of the other Irish life member benefits also benefit from phone or online consultations with a range of health professionals so you can receive health and medical care at your convenience. 

Overseas treatment

Irish Life offers up to €55,000 emergency overseas treatment, with companion repatriation or accompaniment benefit of €1,000, and patient repatriation benefit of €1,000,000.

Elective overseas treatment and surgery may be covered by some Irish Life plans, where an Irish consultant advises the treatment.

Overseas treatment

Irish Life plans

Irish Life provides various health insurance plans, with plans distinguished by levels of cover and price.

Plans cover the range of hospital care, from semi-private care in a public hospital to care in a high-tech hospital. Private care in a high-tech hospital, specifically the Mater Private and Blackrock Clinic is not included in event the higher end Irish Life plans, so check what is included in your cover carefully.

First Cover

First Cover is a basic plan, with some cover for outpatient expenses and cover for private and semi- private care in a public hospital.

€41.92 a month for one adult <35, no inpatient excess.

  • Semi-private care in a public hospital
  • Private care in a public hospital

First Cover also includes:

  • Consultant €50 per visit
  • Emergency Dental €250 per accident
  • Female health Consultation 50% cover for 4 consultations per year
  • Minor injury clinic 50% cover up to €100 per visit
  • Pathology fees and tests 50% cover
  • Radiology fees and tests 50% cover
  • MRI/ CT/ Pet-CT scans 100%cover
  • Healthy Minds online access to mental health assessments and content, and 6 counselling sessions per year either digital or in person.
  • Maternity benefits including Inpatient maternity consultant fees €300 per birth, public maternity hospital cover €400,

Benefit Access 300

Benefit Access 300 costs a little less than the national average of €1,470 per year, with hospital care at all levels and some outpatient cover. Certain cardiac and orthopaedic procedures require a copayment however.

€209.19 per month for 2 adults and 2 children, €300 inpatient excess, €2,000 copayment for certain cardiac and orthopaedic procedures in a private or high-tech hospital.

  • Semi-private and private care in a public hospital
  • Semi-private and private care in a private hospital
  • Semi-private and private care in a high-tech hospital

Benefit Access 300 also includes:

  • Cardiac screening 50% cover
  • Consultant fees €60 per visit
  • Dietitian €40 contribution
  • Full access to Digital Doctor service
  • Emergency dental treatment €250 per accident
  • Female health consultation 50% cover for 4 consultations per year
  • Fitness wearables €40 contribution
  • Access to Irish Life International 2nd opinion
  • Life coaching session €40 contribution
  • Minor injury clinic 70% of costs up to €200 per visit
  • Pathology fees €25 per fee, pathology tests €20 per test
  • Radiology fees €25 per fee, radiology tests €20 per test
  • Sports club/ Gym membership, Classes €40 contribution
  • CT/ MRI/ Pet-Ct scan 100% cover
  • Gender affirmation benefit 50% of costs up to €10,000 per lifetime.
  • Healthy Minds online access to mental health assessments and content, and 6 counselling sessions per year either digital or in person.
  • Inpatient support benefit €50 per visit for 10 visits to hospital (if you live >50km from hospital)
  • Parent accompanying child inpatient €40 per day for up to 14 days (provided the child in an inpatient for over 3 days).
  • Maternity benefits including 3 nights care in a public maternity hospital with full cover for consultant’s fees.

Optimise Gold

Optimise Gold offers a high level of hospital cover, as well as generous outpatient and day to day cover. It offers a high level of maternity benefits as well as partner support benefit and postnatal domestic and doula benefits.

€570.84 per month for one adult <35

  • Semi-private and private care in a public hospital
  • Semi-private care and private care in a public hospital
  • Semi private care in a high tech hospital.
  • Private care in Beacon Hospital only (Mater Private and Blackrock Clinic are covered on a semi- private basis only)

Optimise Gold also includes:

  • Accident and Emergency €100 contribution once per year in a public/ private/ or high-tech A&E.
  • Antenatal Class €75
  • Consultant €100 per visit
  • Digital Doctor unlimited cover
  • Emergency dental €450 per accident
  • Female Health Consultation 50% for 4 consultations per year.
  • Health Screening €450 contribution for 1 screening per year
  • Maternity mental health support €40 per visit for 10 visits per year
  • Minor Injury Clinic 75% up to €500 per visit
  • Prenatal or postnatal expenses up to €400
  • Psycho- oncology counselling €40 for 5 visits per year
  • CT /MRI /PET-CT scans 100% cover at approved centres
  • Care Connect
  • Cancer Support Benefit (for treatment at a hospital >50 km from home) €100 per day up to €1,500 per year
  • Exogen therapy
  • Gender affirmation benefit 50% up to €10,000 in a lifetime
  • Genetic testing for cancer treatment options – Foundation One Dx
  • Healthy Minds 6 x counselling sessions by phone/ online/ in person per year
  • Maternity benefits on this plan include:
  • Grant in aid amount €3,550
  • Home birth grant €3,550
  • Partner benefit €50 per day x 2 days for travel/ accommodation/ childminding
  • Postnatal domestic support 2 x 3 hour cleaning sessions
  • Postnatal doula support 2 x 3 hour sessions
  • 3 nights care in a public maternity hospital

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