No one wants to imagine a scenario where their precious watch, ring, or necklace is stolen, damaged or lost. However, these things can happen, and so it is essential to protect your jewellery with insurance.

Whilst specialist jewellery insurance is available which can protect your high value items or a jewellery collection, you can also include your jewellery on your home insurance, or your home contents insurance.

Jewellery insurance

What is jewellery insurance?

Specialist jewellery insurance is available which will protect your jewellery pieces from loss, damage, theft. Your jewellery will be financially protected should it need to be repaired or replaced.

However, it is also possible to arrange specific cover for your jewellery on your home insurance, or your home contents insurance.

Who offers jewellery insurance in Ireland?

Specific jewellery insurance is offered by the following providers. This type of insurance is specific to jewellery and will not offer any other cover.

  • Diamond Guard Insurance, from Voltaire jewellers.
  • Aston Lark

Home insurance and home contents insurance will also offer protection for your jewellery pieces. Home insurance and home contents insurance is available from the following providers:

AXA - Home Insurance
Aviva - Home Insurance
AA - Home Insurance
AIG - Home Insurance
Allianz - Home Insurance
FBD - Home Insurance
Liberty - Home Insurance
Zurich - Home Insurance

What does jewellery insurance cover?

Specific jewellery insurance is offered by Voltaire Diamonds as Diamond Guard which offers protection against Physical loss or damage, theft, and accidental loss.

This policy has no excess and you will work with specialists to repair or replace your jewellery should an insured risk occur eg. the loss of a stone in your engagement ring.

Jewellery insurance does not offer protection for wear and tear type damage, and you may also need to have your jewellery maintained regularly by a jeweller as a condition of cover.

Including jewellery on your home insurance or home contents insurance

Standard home contents insurance will offer protection for the contents of your home should an insured risk occur eg. fire, break in, flood, storm, escape of water etc.

Home insurance will also offer financial protection for damage, loss, and theft of your jewellery. However, don’t assume that a standard home insurance policy will offer the right protection for your jewellery.

Your standard home contents cover will have a single item limit that may be quite low eg. €1,000 which may not be sufficient protection for your jewellery piece. As well as this there will be an accumulated total for all items which probably wouldn’t cover several pieces of jewellery, especially not antique or high value jewellery.

Also, you will need your jewellery insured on an all risks basis, which includes cover for its use outside the home. There may be some standard cover for an unspecified item on an all risks basis in your home contents insurance, but again, this may not be sufficient for jewellery.

Specified Items Cover

Home insurers offer specified items cover for higher value items on an all risks basis as an additional option on your home insurance or home contents insurance. 

This means that you arrange specific cover for each jewellery piece on your home contents insurance and that item or piece of jewellery is protected for its full value (less the excess) inside and outside the home.

Generally, specified items such as jewellery will be covered for the risks included in your home insurance at home, as well as loss or theft away from home. It may include cover for accidental damage, but it is important to check what is included in your policy as this may be an additional cover. It is also important to check whether this includes worldwide cover for holidays.

It is worth noting that cover for high value, specified items on your home insurance can also be arranged to cover other expensive possessions such as sports equipment, electronics, musical instruments, antiques, art or other valuables.

Factors influencing the cost of jewellery insurance:

The price of insurance cover for your jewellery will vary and it can be expensive but there are ways to find more affordable cover. The price of jewellery insurance or home insurance cover for jewellery will depend on a number of factors.

  • Value of the jewellery
  • Where you live
  • Where the jewellery is stored
  • Security of the home
  • Previous Claims
  • Excess on the policy
  • Discounts

Value of your jewellery:

The more expensive the piece or collection of jewellery, the more you will pay to protect it with insurance. It is essential to have an up to date and accurate value for your jewellery. 

It may be necessary to get a valuation certificate on your piece of jewellery, which is easily obtainable from a jeweller. It is worth getting jewellery revalued from time to time as values can fluctuate. If your jewellery is relatively new, proof of original purchase may suffice.

Where you live:

Your address will affect the price you pay for insuring your jewellery piece or collection. Insurers will assess various risks such as likelihood of a break in, risk of flood or subsidence, as well as distance from a fire station in determining your premium.

Where the jewellery is stored:

You will reduce your insurance premium if you store your jewellery in a safe. This may not be necessary for a single piece of jewellery which you don’t take off such as your engagement ring, but if you have several pieces of high value jewellery, you will pay less for insurance if they are stored securely.

Security of the home:

Having good quality locks fitted, or having an alarm on your home may affect your home insurance premium. Being security conscious when out and about or on holiday will also help if you need to claim for loss or theft of your jewellery as insurers won’t cover items left unattended or left openly in a car, for example.

Previous claims:

If you have made previous claims on your insurance policy, you will pay more for cover for your jewellery. It is wise to be careful with your belongings, and to consider the security of your home so as to minimise the risk of claims on your policy.


The excess is the amount you pay yourself, before you can claim financial benefit from any insurance policy.

Specialist jewellery insurance may not include an excess but your home insurance will have a standard excess and may have a separate excess for specified items. It is very important to check any excesses included in your policy as you will need to be able to afford this amount before your insurance company will pay.


If you are arranging cover for your jewellery, you may receive a discount if you apply online. You may also have a no claims bonus if you have had cover without claims previously, some no claims bonus discounts can be significant. If you purchase more than one policy from an insurer eg. home and car insurance, you may receive a discount.

Example of Cost

Couple aged 30, insuring a 3 bed semi in Cork City of standard construction ( prices with and without adding engagement ring to the value of €2,000)

Insurer With ring Without ring
Zurich €358.46 €379.68
KennCo €693.09 €745.59
Allianz €288.82 €301.50
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Commonly Insured Jewellery

Although some jewellery is unique for sentimental reasons, and you will never be able to replace the memories associated with pieces such as engagement and wedding rings, it is still worth insuring them should the worst happen. 

You may also want to protect items which you wish to leave as an heirloom for a loved one or for future generations.

Jewellery has a high value and financial protection will help to repair or replace many pieces such as

  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding rings
  • Watches
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Cufflinks

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If you want to have peace of mind that your most precious pieces of jewellery are protected whether at home, or when you are wearing them out and about, then it is essential to have them insured, either with specialist insurance, or on your home or home contents insurance.

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