Female health consultation benefit is available on some Irish Life health insurance plans. The benefit offers 50% cover for up to 4 consultations with a GP specialising in women’s health per year leading to a post consult individual women’s health plan.

However, all health insurance providers offer cover for aspects of women’s health throughout your lifetime.

From fertility and maternity to perimenopause and menopause, as well as screening for women’s cancers and general health and wellness, you can support your health with health insurance.

Health insurers are increasingly offering support for female healthcare and women’s health concerns as this is recognised as key to women’s health and wellbeing.

Female Health Consultation Benefit

Which health insurers offer female health benefits?

All three of the insurers on the Irish market offer specific support for female health in various ways. From specific packages to more general health and wellness supports, these insurers offer female health supports:

irish life

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What support does health insurance offer for women’s health?

If you take out a health insurance plan with female consultation benefits, you can expect to avail from the following:

  • General health support
  • Health assessment and screening
  • Fertility benefits
  • Maternity benefits
  • Antenatal and postnatal benefits
  • Perimenopause and menopause support
health insurance offer for women

General health support

All insurers offer access to health information and support, with dedicated phonelines and access to nurse, physiotherapist and GP consultations, information, and advice.

Laya offers Healthcare Concierge to all its members which is a service offering health information on any health concern you have or diagnosis you may have received. Laya also offers Care on Call with 24/7 access to nurses, midwives, GPs, and physiotherapists.

Irish Life has a 24/7 nurse on call service and offers unlimited Digital Doctor consultations to their members. Irish Life offers a contribution towards 4 female health consultations per year on some plans to cover areas such as menstrual health, contraception, fertility, and menopause.

VHI offers a 24/7 nurse line service, as well as online consultations with GPs, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, and dietitians, depending on the details of your plan.  VHI offers a midwife support service throughout your pregnancy for members.

Health assessment and screening

Insurers offer various options for general health support and prevention, as well as screening where appropriate. Availability of these services depend on the details of your health insurance plan.

Irish Life offers access to virtual appointments with physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, and dietitians to support you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Healthy Minds is a benefit from Irish Life which offers mental health support from trained counsellors 24/7 for their members.

Laya offers Healthcoach services for members to support them to adopt a healthier lifestyle with a personalised plan, as well as 24/7 mental wellbeing supports. Some Laya plans include cover for a mammogram and a contribution towards the cost of women’s cancer screening.

VHI 360 health centres offer Healthcheck in Dublin and Cork, which is a comprehensive health assessment including breast examination, where appropriate. VHIO also offers cover for a mammogram, or triple breast assessment where necessary.

Fertility Benefits

Where you may need fertility testing and treatment when trying for a baby, health insurance can offer financial support towards any tests and treatments that may be required.

Laya’s First Steps fertility cover offers a contribution towards fertility tests and treatments on a ‘per year’ basis, rather than ‘per lifetime’ basis. Cover for these benefits varies depending on your health insurance plan and levels of cover.

VHI offers benefits to their members for fertility testing and care including Fertility Packages 1 & 2, which contribute towards up to 2 cycles of IVI and IVF or ICSI.

Irish Life offers a contribution towards health screening, smear testing, fertility screening tests, and IUI, IVF, and ICSI, depending on the details of your health insurance plan.

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Maternity Benefits

All maternity hospitals in Ireland are public hospitals, however, health insurance can cover private care in a public hospital where you will receive antenatal care from a consultant of your choice, as well as semi private or private accommodation in a public hospital, and the attendance of your consultant at the birth where possible.

Most health insurance plans will offer some cover if you choose to be treated and accommodated semi-privately or privately in hospital or if you choose a home birth. However all semi private and private care requires a financial contribution towards this cost, so check carefully what is and is not covered when considering your options.

Antenatal and postnatal benefits

Health insurers offer a range of benefits for expectant mothers, as well as a range of antenatal and postnatal support, depending on your level of cover.

Irish Life offers a wide range of support for expectant mothers and for the postpartum period as well. Some of the benefits include a year’s membership to the Gentle birth app, partial rebate of the costs of 3D or 4D antenatal scans, postnatal midwife, night nurse, or doula support at home, as well as contributions for breastfeeding consultations.

VHI offers some similar support, as well as contributions towards the cost of early pregnancy scans and foetal screening. VHI’s Emotional Wellbeing Package offers counselling for antenatal and postnatal depressions, as well as support following a miscarriage. Post natal home nursing and contributions towards breastfeeding consultations are also available to new mothers.

Laya offers midwife support by phone on some plans. Foetal screening is covered on some Laya plans, as well as antenatal classes and maternity yoga or pilates. Partner benefits include a contribution towards hospital parking. Breastfeeding consultations are covered on some plans.

Perimenopause and Menopause support

Perimenopause and menopause have become more openly talked about in the media in recent times, and health insurers offer specific services for women who are undergoing perimenopause and menopause to treat and manage their symptoms.

Irish Life offers a Female Health Consultation Benefit, which offers cover towards up to 4 consultations per year with GPs who specialise in female health including perimenopause and menopause.

VHI offers cover for VHI 360 women’s health clinic consultations where you can be seen by a multi-disciplinary women’s healthcare team, including a GP specialist in female health and menopause as well as a nurse, physiotherapist, healthcoach, and psychologist.

Laya offers a Menopause Support Package of up to €300 per year towards menopause healthcare with some of their plans. Laya offers a contribution towards the cost of IUD consultations and insertion.

How much does health insurance with female health benefits cost?

Most of the health insurance plans that include female health benefits are those with generous everyday expenses cover. The plans that include specific women’s health benefits do so at different levels, depending on the plan you choose.

Example 1 – Laya Optimum Premium

€156.46 per month for one adult

Women’s health benefits included:

  • Menopause Support Package €300 per year
  • Intrauterine system 75% towards cost of device and fitting
  • Direct payment mammogram Full cover
  • Women’s cancer screening 75% of costs

Maternity benefits include:

  • Full cover for 3 nights inpatient in a public maternity hospital or €4,000 per year towards home birth costs.
  • Maternity outpatient costs €600 per pregnancy
  • Post natal home nursing (if admitted to hospital for less than 3 nights) up to €1,300 for two nights.
  • Partner car park charges €30
  • Antenatal classes €150 per pregnancy
  • Maternity yoga or pilates €75% cover
  • Breastfeeding consultations €30 per visit x 5 visits

Fertility benefits include:

  • Fertility counselling 5 visits per presenting issue
  • First Steps Fertility Package 75% of costs up to €2,500 per year
  • Fertility Preservation €1,500 per lifetime
  • Pre implantation genetic testing 75% of costs, up to €3,000 per lifetime

Example 2 – Irish Life MyPlan 500

€79.83 per month

Women’s health benefits included:

  • Test for specific genetic mutations including women’s cancers covered.
  • Digital Doctor unlimited consultations
  • Female Health Consultations 50% cover
  • Nurse on call
  • Executive health screening 29% discount on health screening which may include breast and pelvic examination, cervical smear, fertility test, hormonal profile, CA125 ovarian tumour marker, where these tests are clinically indicated.

You can choose one benefit package with this plan from child development, fertility and maternity, fitness focus, mind & body, travel focus.

Fertility and Maternity package includes:

  • IVF, IUI, ICSI, up to €100 contribution per lifetime
  • AMH fertility test €20
  • His and Hers Fertility Screening €20
  • Maternity consultant fees €100
  • 3D/ 4D early antenatal scans €20
  • Antenatal class €20
  • Gentle birth app

Example 3 – VHI First Care Extra 150 DaytoDay

€100.38 per month

Women’s health benefits include:

  • VHI360 Clinic (including women’s health clinic) €75 excess then full cover
  • HealthCheck @home health screening full cover for one screen every 2 years
  • Mammogram full cover 1 per year

VHI Fertility Support

  • Initial consultation €100
  • Fertility testing €100.
  • Egg freezing €1,000 once per lifetime.
  • Sperm freezing €125 once per lifetime.
  • IUI/ IVF/ ICSI 2 treatments per lifetime 50% cover up to €1,000 per treatment
  • Preimplantation genetic testing €500
  • Frozen embryo transfer 2 treatments per lifetime 50% cover up to €500 per treatment
  • Fertility counselling 5 sessions per treatment

Maternity benefits include:

  • Full cover in a public maternity hospital for 3 days
  • Inpatient maternity consultant fees Full cover
  • Access to VHI’s midwife support service
  • Foetal screening €100 per year
  • Maternity & Baby bundle- 75% cover up to a combined total of €400 for your choice of the following:
  • Maternity yoga or pilates classes
  • One maternal scan
  • Breastfeeding consultations
  • Baby massage classes
  • Baby swimming classes
  • Antenatal course

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How to choose health insurance with female health benefits

When choosing health insurance, it is essential to first consider which benefits are most important to you.

Depending on your priorities or stage of life, you may choose health insurance that offers generous fertility or maternity benefits or cover or, if your family is complete or this is not a priority for you, you may choose a plan with good cover for day-to-day or outpatient expenses which includes cover for female health.

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Shop around for insurance with female health benefits

If you wish to choose health insurance with female health benefits, it is essential to shop around and check what level of cover is offered. Some insurance plans offer a contribution towards female health expenses that is quite low when you look at the cost of the treatments. If a plan has good outpatient or day-to-day cover, then this cover may apply to female health consultations that you require.

Finally, check the excess in any policy you are considering as, if the excess is high, you will have to pay this amount before you can avail of any cover on your health insurance policy.

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