Pet insurers offer a variety of policies and plans to protect your pet and offer cover for vets bills and treatments should they fall ill or have an accident.  

Pet insurers offer different levels of cover so it is important to pay attention to the specific terms of the cover you are offered.  It is important not to compare on price alone and to look for the benefits that are most important to you.

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Who offers pet insurance in Ireland?

Insurer Property 1*  Property 2**
Agria Petinsure Care Plus – €11.98 per month
Accident Only – €10.00 per month
Care Plus – €25.75 per month
Essential – €10.99 per month
Allianz €14.15 per month €21.95 per month
Blue Insurance Injury & Illness (lifetime) – €10.47 per month
Essential – €6.21 per month
Injury & Illness (lifetime) – €21.43 per month
Essential – €10.28 per month

* Example 1 – Cat, age 2 years, mixed breed moggy, purchase price €50, female, neutered, no illnesses, not microchipped. Accurate as of 10/05/23.
** Example 2 – Dog, age 2 years, pedigree cocker spaniel, purchase price €500, male, neutered, no illnesses, microchipped. Accurate as of 10/05/23.

Quote data accurate as of May 10th 2023

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Differences Between Pet Insurance Companies

Agria Petinsure

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Agria offers a €20 discount for new policies and a discount for microchipped or multiple pets.

They offer new policies from 8 weeks to 5 years and all of their policies are lifetime policies.

Their Agria Accident policy covers

  • Vets bills up to €2,000,
  • Liability cover up to €250,000 (dogs only),
  • death by accident is covered on this policy up to €1,000 (the only accident policy that offers this benefit)

Their Agria Care Plan and Agria Care Plus Plan offer identical cover, except for the excess which is €150 in the Care Plan and €90 in the Cre Plus Plan.

These plans offer:

  • €4,000 cover for vets fees
  • 3rd party cover of €250,000
  • Death by accident cover of €1,000
  • Death by illness cover of €1,000
  • €100 cover for euthanising your pet and/ or cremation
  • €500 advertising and recovery
  • €1,000 if your pet strays or is stolen, €1,000 for emergency boarding
  • €1,000 for holiday cancellation
  • They do not offer cover abroad.


Allianz - Home Insurance

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Allianz offers 12% off online and a discount for having 3 or more pets insured.  They also offer a reduction on premiums for pet owners aged over 60, and if your pet is microchipped.

They do not offer a range of premiums, just one pet insurance policy.

  • Vet fees of up to €4,000
  • Third party liability for your dog or cat up to €250,000
  • Death from illness up to €1,500
  • Death from injury up to €1,500
  • Boarding kennel or cattery fees up to €1,000 should you be hospitalised beyond 4 days
  • Theft or straying up to €1,500, holiday cancellation up to €1,000 if the pet is injured and requires life saving surgery 7 days before or while you are on holidays
  • Recovery costs of up to €500 should your pet be missing

There are some exclusions.

  • They will not pre existing illness (or for illnesses that arise in the first 14 days of cover) in your pet.
  • They will not pay for death by illness or disease in some breeds beyond 5 years of age or beyond 8 years of age in any pet.
  • They will cover some breeds of dog considered dangerous breeds under Irish legislation, provided they use a muzzle and strong lead.
  • They also offer lifetime cover, if you start your insurance cover between 8 weeks and 8 years (or 5 years in select breeds).  Allianz offer 30 days cover in the UK.

Blue Insurance

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Offers a vet helpline for queries about your pet’s health and offers new policies for pets from 8 weeks to 7 years of age.  Like An Post, they offer three levels of cover – Essential, Premier, and Premier Plus.

Essential cover is a 12 month policy and offer €1500 for vets fees should your pet have an accident as well as €250,000 liability cover (dogs only).

Premier is a 12 month policy and offers 

  • €4,000 towards vets fees
  • €250 towards complementary treatments
  • €250,000 liability
  • €500 emergency boarding
  • €500 advertising and reward
  • €500 if your pet strays or is stolen
  • €500 towards advertising and reward
  • €500 towards accidental death
  • €500 towards holiday cancellation
  • Overseas cover

Premier Plus is a lifetime policy and offers 

  • €4,000 towards vet fees
  • €250 towards complementary treatments
  • €250,000 liability cover
  • €1,000 emergency boarding
  • €1,000 advertising and reward
  • €1,000 if your pet strays or is stolen
  • €1,000 accidental death cover
  • €1,000 cover for holiday cancellation
  • Overseas cover

How to compare different pet policies?

As well as comparing the premium you pay, it is important to compare benefits that will suit you and your pet.  The age, breed, and health of your pet may exclude you from some policies or you may be offered cover with exclusions from cover.  Allianz offer new policies up to 8 years, but some breeds are excluded from 5 years.  

The level of cover you require is also important, as different plans offer cover in varying amounts.  Overseas cover may be an additional option but is standard in An Post policies, if this is important to you.

The term of your cover is also important, as 12 month policies will not cover conditions that develop during the term of the policy when you go to purchase a new policy.  

The excess varies between insurers.  Allianz has a €100 excess, with the option to take on a higher or lower voluntary excess.  

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An Post and Blue Insurance have a €125 excess but if your dog is over 5 years old you will face an additional 15% excess for treatment.  Agria has a €90 excess or €150 excess, depending on which plan you choose, with their mid price Care plan offering identical cover to the higher end plan but with the higher excess.  

Bear in mind that you will pay the excess once per condition per year.  This may cost more than you think if you have an older pet with several chronic conditions, as you will pay excess charges out of your own pocket and may be more than any additional premium you would pay for a lower excess.

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Can I insure farm animals?

Livestock insurance is available from:

FBD - Home Insurance
AXA - Home Insurance
An Post - Home Insurance

But it covers loss of livestock from storm, flood, fire, lightning, electrocution and straying or injury in transit, as well as injury to sheep from dogs and death or infertility of pedigree livestock.  

It does not cover veterinary care in the same way as pet insurance.

insure farm animals


Regular checkups, worming and fleas control, vaccination and boosters, and neutering are not covered by pet insurance.  It is important to keep your pet healthy and having annual checkups and up to date vaccinations may be a condition of cover on your pet insurance.

Emergency dental treatment may be covered but regular dental checkups are not covered and, again, may be a condition of cover on your pet insurance.

Not on new policies and there is generally a waiting period of 14 days for cover on new pet insurance policies should new symptoms emerge.  

If you have lifetime cover and your pet develops an illness or chronic condition then this will continue to be covered as long as you continue to pay premiums.  There may also be breed specific exclusions on pet insurance policies as certain conditions are associated with some breeds.

No, these are not considered illnesses for the purpose of pet insurance.

Having your pet microchipped may mean that you get a discount on pet insurance.  It is also a good idea to have your pet microchipped in case they stray or are stolen.

No, pet insurance cover is limited to cats and dogs in the Irish Market.

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