Campervan insurance is mandatory to drive legally on Irish roads and will protect you if you are responsible for an accident while driving your campervan. Campervan insurance may also offer protection for the campervan and its contents.

You love hitting the road in your campervan but they can be tricky (and expensive) to insure.

Campervan Insurance Ireland

What is campervan insurance?

Campervan insurance offers protection for driving your campervan as well as for the campervan itself.

Mobile home insurance is primarily intended to offer protection for static or fixed in place mobile homes. Even if it offers cover for transport of the mobile home it is intended that the mobile home will remain in situ when it is used. 

Campervan insurance offers similar protection to mobile home insurance for the campervan itself but also has an element of motor insurance as you will be mobile in your campervan and will need protection in the event of a road traffic accident.

Types of campervan insurance

Campervan insurance is legally required to drive a campervan in Ireland. Campervan insurance may be available as third party only cover, third party fire, and theft cover, and comprehensive cover. This applies to the types of cover available if you are involved in a road traffic accident.

Types of campervan insurance

3rd party cover

Third party only cover will protect you for damage to another vehicle or person where you are legally responsible for an accident.

3rd party fire & theft cover

Third party, fire, and theft will protect you for damage to another vehicle or person, and will offer cover if your own vehicle goes on fire or is stolen.

Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive cover offers protection for another vehicle or person, as well as cover for your own vehicle in the event that you are responsible for a motor accident. Comprehensive cover generally includes more types of cover as standard, as well as optional additional forms of cover.

What is covered by campervan insurance?

Campervan contents or personal belongings or effects may be protected by your campervan policy for fire, malicious damage, theft, or accidental damage. This may include campervan fittings, satellite navigation, TVs and other belongings that you have in your campervan.

Portable generator cover is generally included as part of campervan insurance. Portable generators are covered for fire, theft, or accidental damage depending on the campervan policy, usually up to a maximum limit per claim and per year.

Windscreen cover is generally included in all campervan policies but the amount of cover varies among insurers. Zurich offers up to €1,000 per windscreen claim with a €2,000 limit per insurance period. 

Some campervan insurance includes cover for locks and keys if they are damaged either accidentally or in an attempted theft. 

Additional forms of campervan cover

Breakdown or roadside assistance is included as standard in some campervan policies, and is an optional extra in others.

Driving by a named driver, or open drive policies, may be available on campervan insurance. It is important to clarify the level of cover offered to named drivers and on any open drive arrangement, as the driving of anyone other than the main policyholder may be on a third party only basis, even on a comprehensive policy.

You may require repatriation cover as part of your campervan insurance. This would involve transporting the campervan to your home address following a significant breakdown or accident. Some insurers will cover your hotel accommodation and/ or vehicle hire if you are unable to continue your journey in the campervan.

If you have an awning fitted to your campervan, this may be protected by campervan insurance. This cover is not standard in all policies so it is important to check if this cover applies to your campervan should it be something you require.

International Campervan Cover

Campervans are often intended for use on holidays abroad. If you are planning an extended trip, it is important to ensure that you discuss this with your insurer and ensure that you are protected while you are abroad.

Generally, UK and EU driving is covered, although the number of days you can use your campervan abroad varies by insurer. Driving in countries other than Northern Ireland, the UK, and mainland Europe would need to be arranged with your insurer.

  • Allianz offers 6 months mainland EU cover as standard.
  • Zurich offers 90 days cover in the EU or UK.
  • Ornella offers unlimited UK/ EU travel.
  • AXA will cover overseas travel as an additional extra.
  • Aviva offers 30 days EU/ UK travel as standard.

It is important to note that all overseas cover applies to campervans registered in Ireland only.

International Campervan Cover

Who offers campervan insurance in Ireland?

Campervan insurance is offered by the following insurers in Ireland:

AXA - Home Insurance

(available through brokers)

Aviva - Home Insurance

(available through brokers)

Allianz - Home Insurance

(available through brokers)

Zurich - Home Insurance
Ornella Underwriters

How much is Campervan insurance?

Quote for Aviva campervan insurance, for 2019 Volkswagen California, 2.0L diesel engine, with a driver with motor insurance for 5+ years claims free.


  • €349 per year for policyholder plus 2 family members.
  • €432 for Open drive, any qualified driver aged 25- 70.
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What factors affect the cost of campervan insurance

Various factors affect the price you will pay for campervan insurance:

Similar to car insurance, the age and experience of the driver will affect how much you pay for campervan insurance. Generally, campervan insurance is only offered to drivers with at least one year’s no claims bonus in their own name. Aviva requires that you have 5 years no claims bonus to avail of campervan cover with them.

There are also age limits to some campervan insurance cover. Aviva will only cover drivers aged between 25 and 70.

The make and model of your campervan, as well as its value, will affect the premium you pay for campervan insurance.

Also, if you have a flat roof campervan you may find it more difficult to get campervan insurance.

The number of miles you do will affect how much you pay for campervan insurance. If you do limited miles, with maybe one trip a year, you will pay less for campervan insurance. 

Where you store your campervan when it is not in use will affect how much you pay for campervan insurance. If you have an alarm on your campervan, you will pay a lower premium.

It is also worth noting that your contents or personal belongings will not be covered unless you lock your campervan while it is unattended.

As with all forms of insurance, the amount you pay yourself out of pocket before you are covered by your insurance is known as an excess. You may pay less for campervan insurance if you pay a higher voluntary excess.

If you have made previous claims on a campervan, or motor insurance policy, you will face a higher premium for campervan insurance. You may be required to have a no claims bonus on a primary vehicle in order to take out campervan insurance.

Campervan no claims bonus

You may need to have a no claims bonus in your own name in order to avail of campervan insurance. This would mean that your campervan is not your primary vehicle. 

Your primary no claims bonus may be ‘mirrored’ by a no claims discount on your campervan insurance. This would mean that your no claims discount on your primary vehicle would be viewed as a sign of careful driving and you may also be given a discount on your campervan insurance as a result of this.

Ornella Underwriting offers up to 58% no claims discount with a step back no claims discount protection. This means that, should you need to claim on your campervan insurance, you may not lose all of your no claims discount.

Claims for windscreen and/ or breakdown assistance, like with motor insurance, may not affect your campervan no claims discount, depending on the insurer.

No Claims Bonus for Insurance Ireland

Campervan insurance FAQs

Yes. you may need an engineer’s report and details of any modifications or conversions that you have carried out, however. Some conversions may need additional work to be certified as insurable.

Yes, if you join the Motor Caravan Club of Ireland, you may be able to get cheaper campervan insurance. If you have more than one type of insurance policy with an insurer you may also get additional discounts.

Yes. Damage due to wear and tear, punctures, and damage due to pets would not be covered by campervan insurance. Also, theft from an unlocked campervan would not be covered.

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