Electric scooters have exploded in popularity in recent years and are seen as a convenient, eco friendly, affordable way to travel. Electric scooters are motorised meaning that you don’t have to pedal or push them on the road and folding e- scooters are portable and can be used in conjunction with public transport.

However, until very recently, it was illegal to ride an e-scooter on an Irish road. Legislation concerning their use was introduced in June 2023, however, and it is expected that regulations will follow. This will allow compliant e- scooters to be legally used on Irish roads.

Electric scooter insurance Ireland

Use of electric scooters & the law in Ireland.

A new category of vehicle, powered personal transporter (PPT) has been created under the Road Traffic Act 2023, which includes e-scooters designed to go at speeds of up to 25km an hour.

This category of vehicle is exempt from motor tax, vehicle or driver registration, and insurance. More powerful e-scooters and e-bikes will come to be treated as light mopeds and will need to be taxed, registered, and insured when regulations come into effect in late 2023.

It is not possible at present to buy specific e- scooter insurance in the Irish market. However, some scooter rental companies may provide insurance with an e-scooter rental and, given the peace of mind and other benefits of insuring your e-scooter it may just be a matter of time before this type of insurance becomes available.

Electric Scooters & Home Insurance

It may also be possible to avail of some financial protection for your e-scooter through your home contents insurance if you have a home insurance policy.

Home contents insurance allows for the addition of cover for sports equipment and/ or specified and unspecified valuables.

Usually there is a single item limit in claiming for unspecified valuables which may not offer enough financial protection for your e-scooter, however.

Cover for sports equipment and specified or unspecified valuables may also be available on an ‘all risks’ basis, which means that you may be covered for theft or damage to your e-scooter when using it outside the home.

insurance policy to cover your home

Exclusions Under Home Insurance

It should be noted, however, that home insurance cover for your e- scooter, if available, would not offer cover for injury or property damage to a third party or any form of personal accident cover.

The excess on your home insurance policy may also be too high to make it financially feasible to claim for damage to your e-scooter on your home insurance policy.

What does electric scooter insurance cover?

Specific e-scooter insurance available currently outside of Ireland offers different levels of cover, akin to current motor insurance types.

These would be third party and more comprehensive insurance types.

Third party liability would offer financial protection where your driving causes injury to another person or causes damage to their property. This type of cover would not cover any accidental damage to your e-scooter or theft of the e-scooter.

A more comprehensive e-scooter insurance policy would include the above but also include cover for theft of the e-scooter and accidental damage to your e-scooter. This might offer financial protection towards repairs to the e- scooter or replacement of the e-scooter, where appropriate depending on the level of damage.

Personal Accident Cover

Personal accident cover may be included in an e-scooter insurance policy. Personal accident insurance offers financial protection where a rider is injured using their e-scooter and may include cover for medical and/ or dental bills, depending on the injury sustained.

Bicycle and motorbike insurance available currently also includes cover for helmets and protective clothing, if use of a helmet is introduced as mandatory following regulation, e- scooter insurance may offer cover for damage to your helmet or any protective clothing you choose.

Who offers electric scooter insurance in Ireland?

Specific electric scooter insurance is not currently available in Ireland, however, given the cost of e- scooters and the risks associated with riding an e- scooter, voluntary forms of insurance may be introduced.

New regulations due to come into effect in Ireland in late 2023, mean that more powerful e- scooters designed to go above 25km an hour, and more powerful e-bikes come under a new category of vehicle known as mechanically propelled vehicles (MPV) and will, like light mopeds require driver licences, registration for motor tax, and insurance to drive legally on Irish roads.

These new regulations may mean that insurance companies will introduce e- scooter insurance in some forms into the Irish market.

Currently, motorbike insurance is available to cover the use of light mopeds as well as more powerful motorbikes. Moped insurance is available in Ireland from following providers:

AXA - Home Insurance
Liberty - Home Insurance

E-bike insurance designed to cover riding of e-bikes is available from the following provider:

insurance provider bikmo

E-bike insurance offers protection for assisted riders that travel up to 25km an hour. It offers a range of cover some of which includes:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Accidental damage
  • Worldwide cover
  • Event fee cover
  • Cover for accessories, clothing, and headgear
  • Emergency cycle hire
  • Bike box cover
  • Returning home cover
  • Event and triathlon cover

Bikmo electric bike cover also includes family cover and a multi bike discount if you insure more than one bike with them.

How much is electric scooter insurance in Ireland?

Electric scooter insurance is not yet available in Ireland. However, the benefits of financially protecting your e- scooter may mean that e-scooter riders will wish to avail of e-scooter insurance sooner rather than later. The price of e-scooter insurance is likely to be determined by the following factors:

A distinction is made in the legislation between e- scooters designed to travel below and above 25km an hour. Insurance premiums may depend on the power of the e- scooter. The value or purchase price of the e- scooter may also affect the price you pay for e- scooter insurance. 

Given the relative simplicity and affordability of e- scooters when compared with cars or motorbikes, it is likely that e- scooter insurance may be relatively affordable.

It is likely that e- scooter insurers would make a distinction between using the e- scooter for social or commuting use and using the e- scooter for work purposes. If you rely on an e- scooter to work as a delivery worker, for example, this may be reflected in the price of your insurance.

As time goes on, building up a claims free period is likely to reduce the price of your e- scooter insurance. Conversely, if you have a poor claims history, you will probably pay more for e- scooter insurance.

Similar to motor insurance, age may be a factor in the price of e- scooter insurance. Like car insurance, the age differential in e- scooter insurance may not be entirely related to the perception of safe driving likelihood, but also to having built up a time period where the driver is claims free.

Again, similar to car insurance, the address where you live may affect whether you use your e- scooter in heavy traffic or congested areas and this will affect your risk of accident. Where your e- scooter is stored overnight may affect the likelihood of theft and may also be reflected in your e- scooter insurance premium.

Whether you choose a simpler third party liability only type e- scooter insurance policy or more comprehensive cover that includes accidental damage to your e- scooter will determine how much you are likely to pay for e- scooter insurance. Adding personal accident cover would likely also increase the price you pay for e- scooter insurance.

Almost all forms of personal insurance in Ireland include some level of excess and e- scooter insurance will probably be no different. The excess is the amount you pay out of pocket before you are offered protection from your insurance policy. Choosing a higher voluntary excess will likely mean paying a lower premium for e- scooter insurance.

How much is electric scooter insurance in Ireland

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The Irish insurance market is very dynamic. Increasing popularity of e-scooters, along with the desire to have peace of mind and avail of financial protection for their e-scooter, may mean that increased demand for e-scooter insurance from riders will lead to its introduction into the Irish market.

It may also be possible to avail of home insurance cover that includes e-scooters.

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