We carry so many gadgets around with us everyday and we increasingly rely on them for work, social, and day to day activities and for information.  Shiny, new smartphones, and laptops in particular can also be worth thousands of euro.   

Gadget insurance gives you peace of mind that the gadget you rely on is covered should something happen to it, you won’t need to pay a fortune to repair or replace it.

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What is gadget insurance?

Gadget insurance offers protection should your smartphone, laptop, tablet, smart watch, camera, headphones, games console, or Kindle be broken, stolen, damaged, or lost.  

Gadget insurance will cover repair or replacement with a refurbished device and will also cover the cost of fraudulent use of your phone when it was lost or stolen.

Gadget insurance covers you if your smartphone, tablet, watch, device, digital camera, or accessories are damaged, stolen, or lost

Who offers gadget insurance in Ireland?

When looking for gadget insurance in Ireland the following providers should be considered: 

Zurich - Home Insurance

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What is included in the gadget insurance policies from each provider?

Protection offered by gadget policies varies by provider with some gadget insurance providers offering policies at different levels. It is important to be aware of what cover is included in your policy to ensure it is right for you.

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Blue Insurance

Blue Insurance offers protection against:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft
  • Breakdown (outside of manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Malicious Damage
  • Fraudulent use of mobile up to €10,000
  • Liquid Damage
  • Accessories up to €150
  • Loss cover is an additional cover for mobiles, ipads, smart watches, and tablets.

Blue Insurance offers cover for devices used by the policyholder or an immediate family member that are less than 5 years old and offer protection for up to 180 days worldwide.

Zurich Mobile Cover

Zurich - Home Insurance

Zurich Insurance offers protection at Essential, Extra, and Complete levels. 

  • Essential offers up to €1,000 protection against accidental damage to your device and up to €130 for accidental damage to accessories.
  • Extra offers €1,000 protection against accidental damage, and theft as well as €130 against accidental damage to accessories. This policy also offers €1,000 protection against fraudulent use of your mobile, smartphone or iPhone.
  • Complete offers protection against accidental damage and theft up to €1,500 as well as accidental damage to accessories up to €130. There is also €1,500 cover for fraudulent use of a phone. Complete also includes cover for loss of your gadget.

Zurich offers cover for gadgets for up to 59 months, with 60 days a year cover worldwide.


Loveitcoverit.ie offers mobile and gadget insurance with Plus and Premium Plans that offer cover for:

  • Cover for loss as standard
  • Theft
  • Fraudulent use of lost/ stolen devices up to €10,000 cover.
  • Breakdown.
  • Accessories for theft or loss up to €300
  • Accidental Damage (Premium Plan only)
  • Cracked screens (Premium Plan only)
  • Liquid Damage (Premium Plan only)

Loveitcoverit offers worldwide cover with unlimited claims.  They offer a 10% discount if you insure more than one gadget. They will also cover gadgets up to 3 years old and second hand gadgets (with some conditions).


Gadgetinsurance.com provides protection against:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft
  • Malicious Damage
  • Liquid Damage
  • Fraudulent Call Use up to €10,000
  • Accessories up to €150.
  • Additional accidental loss cover is optional.

Gadgetinsurance.com offers worldwide cover for 180 days a year.  They will cover gadgets under 12 months old and offer unlimited repair or replacement on the gadgets they insure.

How to compare gadget insurance?

There are many factors that are important in choosing gadget insurance, bear in mind that gadget insurance premiums are based on the type, model, and value of the gadget as well as the amount of cover offered.  

In comparing gadget insurance it is good to bear all factors in mind.

It is important to consider the price of your gadget insurance as if you pay a monthly premium, the amount you pay will add up over time and may be uneconomic as your device gets older.

Not all insurers cover every device and some only offer protection for newer devices.If you have an older device you may find it more difficult to arrange cover.

The level of cover offered in the policy is also important.  

Blue Insurance and Gadgetinsurance.com will repair or replace any gadget that is the subject of a valid claim, however, Zurich has a limit of indemnity of €1,000 or €1,500 depending on the cover you choose.  

This may not be enough to replace a particularly costly gadget.  

Loveitcoverie.ie also offers cover for unlimited claims which may suit you if you are particularly accident prone, but remember you will pay an excess on each claim.

How many devices you require cover for may also be a consideration with love it cover it offering a 10% discount if you insure more than one gadget with them. Some policies have a limit on the number of devices you can cover.

If you intend travelling a lot, loveitcoverit.ie will cover your gadget anywhere in the world on an unlimited basis. Blue insurance and gadgetinsurance.com both offer 180 days worldwide cover, and Zurich offering cover for 60 days a year abroad.

The excess is the amount you will pay out of pocket before you are protected by your insurance.  

  • Loveitcoverit has an excess from €30 to €175, depending on the model or gadget. 
  • Blue and Gadgetinsurance.com both have an excess of €75 for each individual claim 
  • Zurich has excesses from €35 for smartphones and €50 for iPhones, Galaxy S5, ipads and tablets.  

As you will need to pay this excess each time you make a claim, it is important to weigh up this amount against the value of replacing your phone or gadget.  


comparing gadget insurance it is good to bear all factors in mind

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Gadget Insurance Policy Add-ons

There are limited add ons to gadget policies.  

Blue Insurance and Gadgetinsurance.com offer cover for accidental loss as an additional cover.  

Zurich Mobilecover and Loveitcoverit.ie offer a range of plans with different levels of cover available.

Case Studies

Here are some examples of where gadget insurance can offer protection:

Example 1

Apple iPhone 13 128 GB insured with Loveitcoverit.ie Premium Plan for €7.99 per month covered when owner dropped it and glass shattered, phone was repaired.

Example 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 covered by Loveitcoverit.ie Plus Plan for €3.49 per month covered when owner was on holiday and it was stolen. It was reported within 24 hrs to local police and was replaced.

Example 3

Samsung Galaxy Tablet S7 Plus 128Gb was covered by Blue Insurance for €9.99 per month including additional loss cover.  Was lost by the owner’s daughter and replaced by Blue Insurance.

How to reduce the price of gadget insurance?

There are ways to reduce the cost of your gadget insurance:

There are lots of options on the market with different levels of cover and cost. Getting quotes from as many providers in the market will get you the best possible price and let you find the policy that works best for you. 

Compare Insurance will shop around so you don’t have to. Take our free online assessment to speak with a qualified financial advisor who will find the best available quotes on the market.

Excess means that you cover a portion of your claims in exchange for a cheaper premium. 

Excess is perfect for those who are cost sensitive and want to save on their monthly premium.

You may choose a plan such as Zurich Essential which offers protection for accidental damage if you tend to be careless with your phone or Loveitcoverit.ie’s Plus Plan if you are concerned about theft or loss.

The more you insure, the more you can save. While the overall cost will increase the cost of insuring each item will decrease. 

Loveitcoverit.ie offers a 10% discount if you insure more than one device.

By paying for 12 months up front, you may be able to avail of a discounted price, rather than paying 1 month at a time. 

How to reduce the price of gadget insurance

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Phones, devices and gadgets are essential to our lives and can easily be damaged, lost, or stolen.  How would you manage without your smartphone, tablet or laptop?  

Gadget insurance will protect you from the unexpected expense of repairing or replacing you gadget should something happen to it.  

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