Gadget insurance offers protection should your smartphone, tablet, laptop or digital device be damaged, broken, lost or stolen, depending on the plan you choose. Gadget insurance may also offer cover for accessories such as headphones and chargers.

We all rely on our phones and devices, and your gadget insurance will mean that you are protected and back up and running if something happens to yours. 

Also, if you are paying a monthly contract you will be tied to that contract even if you can no longer use the phone or gadget so it makes sense to insure that gadget.

Gadget insurance covers you if your smartphone, tablet, watch, device, digital camera, or accessories are damaged, stolen, or lost

Factors affect the cost of gadget insurance

Various factors affect the cost of gadget insurance, and plans between providers vary also even for the same gadget. It is always best to shop around to see what is covered by the different plans.

Here are some of the factors that affect the price of gadget insurance:

Some gadget insurers offer cover at different levels. The differences between the levels of cover may mean that the maximum amount you can claim on your gadget insurance varies. It is essential that the gadget limit on the gadget insurance plan you choose is high enough to cover your gadget.

Also, events covered vary between policies. For example, not all plans offer cover for accidental damage or loss. Make sure that the plan you choose offers the cover you need.

There is a big price difference between the value of the latest bells and whistles smartphone and an older, more basic handset and this is reflected in the price of gadget insurance. 

It is always worth getting multiple quotes when purchasing gadget insurance to get the best value. You may also struggle to get cover for an older device and, with the excess you have to pay, it might not be worth covering it with gadget insurance.

You will pay an excess each and every time you claim on your gadget insurance and these vary between insurers. Some excesses can be as high as €175 so check carefully before you take out insurance. 

Paying a little more monthly for a plan with a lower excess may make more sense, especially if you are accident prone.

You may save by insuring more than one gadget with the same insurer. You can also insure gadgets belonging to family members, eg. a child, on the same policy so it is worth checking this with the gadget insurer.

You may save money by paying for your gadget insurance all in one go for the period of insurance (usually one year) rather than paying monthly. It is a good idea to check this at the point of taking out your gadget insurance.

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Best Gadget insurance providers in Ireland

Here are the gadget insurers offering gadget insurance on the Irish market. Some of these offer cover at different levels also.

Zurich - Home Insurance

Gadget Insurance Quotes

For a more accurate quote for your gadgets, take our online assessment and get the best quotes on the market for FREE. 

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Insurer Example 1*  Example 2**  Example 3***
Blue Insurance €15.95/month, €192.50 annually
(excl. loss cover)
€17.50/month, €211.11 annually
(incl. loss cover)
€7.99/month, €96.99 annually
(excl. loss cover)
€8.99/month, €108.99 annually
(incl. loss cover)
Love it cover it Plus plan €14.49/month
Premium plan €15.99/month
Plus plan €10.26/month
Premium plan €11.69/month €11.99/month
€144.99 annually

* Example 1 – Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 512 GB
** Example 2 – Samsung Galaxy tablet S9 128GB
*** Example 3 – Apple Macbook Pro 13.3 (2020) M1 256 GB 8 RAM

Gadget Insurance FAQs

Gadget insurance covers the cost of repairing your phone or device. If your phone cannot be repaired or it is uneconomic to repair, then you will be offered a refurbished device. 

If it is not possible to replace your handset or device with a replacement, you may be offered a new one covered by your gadget insurance.

Most gadget insurance offers worldwide cover, some for a limited number of days a year. For all gadget insurance policies, the phone or device must be registered in Ireland and used regularly for your gadget insurance to be in place.

Wear and tear or cosmetic damage of the phone or device is not covered by gadget insurance. If the damage does not affect the function of the phone, it will not be covered.

Your phone or device’s manufacturer’s warranty will cover it if it breaks during the time period of the warranty. However, the warranty will not offer protection if your phone or device is lost or stolen, or if it is damaged accidentally.

You will need to report the theft of your gadget to the local police as soon as possible to avail of protection on your gadget insurance. 

Your gadget insurance may also offer protection for fraudulent use of your device, including calls and data downloads made after the device was stolen.

Your laptop may be covered by your home insurance. However, you would need to ensure that your laptop value is not greater than the single item limit on your home insurance. 

You would also need to ensure that your laptop is covered by your home insurance on an ‘all risks’ basis. This means that your laptop is covered for you to bring it outside your home.

You may also find that the excess in your home insurance is much higher than a gadget policy excess. This may make it less economic to cover your laptop on your home insurance rather than a specialised gadget insurance. 

Your gadget insurance may also cover you for breakdown and accidental damage to your laptop which may not be included in your home insurance cover.

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