Event insurance, also known as event liability insurance, offers protection should an organised, public event go wrong or where an unexpected situation arises leading to a loss or legal liability for the organiser.

Event insurance is a form of business insurance which covers the organiser for the risks associated with the unique event they are planning, be it a once off or regular organised event.

Event Insurance Ireland

What is event insurance?

Event insurance offers financial protection to the organiser of an event where unforeseen and potentially costly situations may mean that you lose your investment in the event or you are legally liable for the loss or property damage of a third party.

If you are organising an event, be it a sporting event, music concert or festival, business event, or a community or charity event, you may find that you are personally liable should something go wrong without event insurance. 

As an organiser, you have a duty of care to the event’s participants, employees, volunteers, and attendees, although event insurance is not a legal requirement.

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What does event insurance cover?

Event insurance comprises a couple of types of insurance cover for the range of risks associated with organising an event which could lead to unexpected costs or foregone revenue. 

Event insurance is, essentially, a form of business insurance that is tailored to the unique requirements and risks of your event. You may need some or all of these types of cover, depending on the event you are organising. 

The types of insurance cover associated with events are: 

  • Public liability
  • Employers liability
  • Cancellation cover
  • Property cover
  • Legal costs
  • Personal accident cover
  • Professional indemnity cover
  • Cyber risk
What does event insurance cover

Public Liability

Public liability insurance offers you protection should a third party suffer a financial loss or be injured whilst attending your event. 

This is a minimum type of cover advised, should you be planning an event. Public liability cover prevents you from being personally liable should someone claim for injury or property damage. 

Public liability insurance may also be a requirement of the venue where the event is staged.

Employers liability

Employers liability cover offers you financial protection where an employee or volunteer is injured as a result of their work or volunteering at your event.

As an event organiser, you have a duty of care to employees and volunteers involved in staging the event. Even, for example, a charity or voluntary community event may need employers liability cover.

Cancellation cover

Cancellation cover, or contingency insurance, protects your financial investment should the event be curtailed or cancelled. Cancellation cover should protect your outlay, deposits etc. and also offer protection for loss of profit should you event be cancelled or curtailed.

Many forms of cancellation cover are available and it is essential to ensure that you are adequately covered for a range of eventualities. Your ‘star guest’ may be unable to attend or cancel and this may be covered by cancellation cover. Your venue may be double booked or transport strikes may mean that participants or attendees are unable to get to your venue. 

You may be able to obtain cover for adverse weather affecting your event, although this may be an additional form of cancellation cover.

Property cover

Property cover offers protection should your own or hired equipment or the venue be damaged. Property may include equipment, decorations, audio visual equipment or lighting. 

Property cover may offer protection in the event of storm or weather damage, fire, theft or vandalism to property or the venue. Property cover may include money cover for cash at the venue.

Personal accident cover

Personal accident cover may be included in your event insurance, but not always. Personal accident cover offers financial protection where a participant or attendee of your event is injured or dies as a result of an accident at the event.

Professional indemnity cover

Although not included in event insurance as such, professional indemnity insurance may be required where you could be held liable for negligence, omissions or breaches in the professional advice you give or in the operation of your profession. 

Professional indemnity insurance may include protection should your advice result in a financial loss for your client.

Cyber risk

Cyber risk is not always included in event insurance. Cyber risk cover may offer you protection in the event that you sell tickets etc. online and handle customer data or communicate digitally regarding the event.

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Who should have event insurance?

Anyone organising a once off or ongoing event may require event insurance. Event insurance can be obtained as a once- off policy or as annual insurance policy. You may require longer term cover  to protect the organiser where there is an organising committee involved prior to the event itself.

Examples of events requiring insurance include but are not limited to:

  • Music events and festivals
  • Business events and conferences
  • Fairs and trade fairs
  • Sports competitions or tournaments
  • Sports groups eg. walking, hillwalking.
  • Exhibitions
  • Book launches and festivals
  • Charity events and fundraisers
  • Community events
  • Workshops or classes
  • Weddings
  • Plays or performances
  • TV and film productions
  • Gardening or flower show events

Who offers event insurance in Ireland?

Specific event insurance is not widely available in Ireland. However, there are specialist underwriters offering event insurance.

  • Eventinsure.ie (part of Brady Insurance) underwrites event insurance.
  • Hiscox Ireland offers event insurance.
  • AIG offers public liability insurance specifically for ‘once off events’
  • IOMST offers specific insurance for market, event, and street traders, including insurance cover for participating in events.
  • Weddinginsurance.ie offers wedding insurance.
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How much is event insurance?

Event insurance can vary widely in price, depending on the type of event insured. There are a number of different factors which affect the price for event insurance:

The type of event will determine, to some extent, the types and extent of risk involved in the event. Whether you are planning a sports event, a concert, a business event, or a community event, your event will present different types and extents of risks to an insurer.

Not all events will require public liability, employers liability, cancellation cover, and property cover. If your event does not require all of these types of cover, you may pay less for event insurance.

The location of your event will affect the price you pay for event insurance.

If your venue is open to the public as well as event attendees, for example, you can expect to pay more for event insurance as you may require more public liability cover.

The size of the event is determined by the number of people who attend. The footfall of both the venue, as well as the number of expected participants or attendees at the event itself will affect how much you pay for event insurance.

The amount of cover you require will affect the quote you receive for event insurance. Public liability, employers liability, property cover, and cancellation cover amounts will be determined by the event you are planning and will affect the price you pay.

The duration of cover will affect how much you pay for event insurance. Some event insurance is for once off events and the time period covered is limited. 

Event insurance may be purchased as an annual policy and if you have a committee involved in planning the event prior to the event itself you will require event insurance for a longer time period. This may mean that you will pay more for event insurance.

Hazardous activities may be undertaken as part of the event. Some examples of hazardous activities would include fireworks, fairground rides, bouncy castle,or water activities. 

Providing these types of activities would significantly increase the cost of event insurance.

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Price for sporting event 100 people for single day cover

€450 euro Eventinsure.ie

Price for a business expo for up to 300 people for single day cover

€650 euro Eventinsure.ie

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Event insurance FAQs

Generally, cancellation due to Covid 19 or public health restrictions would not be covered by event insurance although you should check the details on your policy.

There is no legal requirement to take out event insurance. However, you could be held personally liable should a third party claim be made, or if an employee or volunteer is injured. 

You may also lose any money you have invested or non-refundable deposits paid when organising an event which cannot go ahead due to an insured event.

As soon as you begin to plan your event, you should take out event insurance. This is because cover starts with the start date of your event insurance policy. If an insured event occurs prior to the actual event itself, you will be protected.

Yes, specialist wedding insurance is available which offers protection against cancellation, specific cover for wedding attire, rings and wedding paraphernalia. Wedding insurance may also offer personal liability cover for the ceremony participants ie. bride(s) and/ or groom(s), as well as public liability cover.

Yes. War and/ or terrorism events may not be covered. Public health restrictions may not be covered. Lack of interest or low ticket sales will not be covered. Hazardous activities eg. fireworks that are not specifically included in your policy would not be covered.

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