Pet insurance offers financial protection for unexpected expenses in owning a pet. Unexpected vets bills or an accident involving your pet will result in bills that can be substantial.

Pet insurance is a form of personal insurance that covers your pet(s) should they have an accident or be ill and need veterinary care, at a minimum. 

Different insurers offer different types and levels of cover, some cover your pet for 12 months and some are lifetime plans. 

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Who offers pet insurance quotes in Ireland?

  • Blue Insurance (
  • Allianz
  • Agria Petinsure
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How much are pet insurance quotes in Ireland?

Quotes for pet insurance can vary widely. Factors such as the type and breed of pet, as well as their age and health will affect the quote you receive. Below are some examples of prices for pet insurance.

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Pet Insurance Quote 1

Small dog, mixed breed, 1 year old, female, neutered, microchipped.

Insurer Quote
Blue Insurance Essential €8.33 – Excess €125
Premier €13.64
Premier Plus €16.44
Allianz €16.70 – Excess €100

Pet Insurance Quote 2

Cat, mixed breed, 1 year old, neutered.

Insurer Quote
Allianz €12.75 – Excess €100
Agria Petinsure Accident Only €10.00 – Excess €90
Care Plan €11.94 – Excess €150
Care Plan Plus €13.98 – Excess €90

Pet Insurance Quote 3

Dog, cocker spaniel, 5 years old, female, neutered.

Insurer Quote
Agria Petinsure Care Plan Plus €25.75 – Excess €90
Accident Only €10.99 – Excess €90

Pet Insurance Quote 4

Cat, pedigree Persian, 5 years old, neutered female.

Insurer Quote
Blue Insurance Essential €17.71 – Excess €125
Premier €27.46
Premier Plus €33.46
Agria Petinsure Accident Only €10.00 – Excess €90
Care Plan €13.20 – Excess €150
Care Plan Plus €15.42 – Excess €90

Pet Insurance Quote 5

Dog, Pedigree Bulldog, 4 years old, neutered male, microchipped.

Insurer Quote
Allianz €44.19 – Excess €100
Blue Insurance Essential €30.20 – Excess €125
Premier €55.04
Premier Plus €67.04

How to reduce the cost of pet insurance?

Pet insurance can seem expensive but there are ways to lower the cost. Bear in mind though that it is important to have a sufficient level of cover as well as just comparing different pet insurance plans on price alone. 

It is possible to find more affordable pet insurance if you shop around.

Here are some ways to bring down the cost of pet insurance:

Sometimes, a plan with a higher excess will have cheaper premiums. You need to ensure, though, that you are in a position to pay this excess every time you need to claim.

Pet insurers generally offer an accident only plan, and also a twelve month or a lifetime plan. If you wish to save on your pet insurance, you may opt for a cheaper policy which offers a lower level of cover. 

Be aware though that if you claim for a new chronic condition in one year, you may not be covered for that condition when it is time to renew the twelve month policy.

It is wise to take out pet insurance early on if you have your pet from a puppy/ kitten as you will benefit from cheaper pet insurance and will be covered for any long term or chronic health issues that may arise, as long as you continue paying premiums.

Many pet insurers offer discounts. You may get a discount if you buy online or if you insure multiple pets. You may also get a discount if you have another insurance product with the insurer.

Microchipping your pet is heavily recommended for their safety and should they go missing or stray. Pet insurers may also offer discounts on pet insurance if you microchip your pet.

It is advised that you spay or neuter your pet for their health and unless you plan to breed them. You may also get a discount on pet insurance if your pet is spayed or neutered.

Get multiple quotes from pet insurers to find the best value, or use our assessment to get cheaper pet insurance. Prices can vary depend on which channel you use to purchase insurance.

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Is there pet insurance excess?

Pet insurers offer different levels of pet insurance excess with their pet insurance plans. An excess is the amount you pay out of pocket for your pet expenses before you are offered protection by your pet insurance.


Allianz has an excess of €100 on their pet insurance policy. With Allianz, you may choose a higher or lower voluntary excess which will affect the premium you pay for pet insurance.

Blue Insurance

Blue Insurance has an excess of €125 on their policy. Blue Insurance also add 15% excess for treatments for pets over 5 years old.

Agria Petinsure

Agria Petinsure has a Care Plan and a Care Plan Plus which offer the same cover but with different excesses on the plans. Agria Care Plan has an €150 excess, and Care Plan Plus has a €90 excess.

It is important to remember that with pet insurance excess, you will pay once per condition, per year. If you have a pet with multiple health issues, you may find that your expenses will add up quickly.

pet insurance excess

What is included in all pet insurance quotes?

Generally, veterinary care will be covered up to the limit specified in your pet insurance policy in all pet insurance plans. In accident only plans, vets bills will be covered in the event of an accident only. All other plans will cover veterinary care for an accident or for illness.

Pet insurance for dogs always includes cover for third party liability should your dog cause an accident or injury to another person or their property. 

Unless you buy an accident only plan, all pet insurance also offers benefit if your pet should go missing, be stolen, or stray. Most pet insurance will offer protection if you are hospitalised in an emergency and your pet needs to go to a kennel or cattery. 

If your pet dies in an accident or through illness, most insurers pay some benefit.

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Pet insurance quote add ons:

Blue Insurance offers a veterinary helpline with their pet insurance. Blue also offers cover for complementary treatments for your pet.

Agria Petinsure offers €1,000 benefit should you need to have your pet euthanised or cremated.

Allianz offers holiday cancellation cover, where you are protected if you have to cancel your holiday due to your pet going missing or being ill.

Only Blue Insurance and Allianz offer protection for your pet overseas, this is an optional extra with Blue Insurance.

insurance add ons

What pets can be covered by pet insurance?

In Ireland, pet insurance is available for cats and dogs only. 

Insurance for cats tends to be a little bit cheaper as pet insurance for dogs often includes third party liability cover should your dog injure someone or damage their property.

There are instances where the age, breed, or health of your pet may mean that they are offered pet insurance with exclusions or you may be unable to be covered by pet insurance. If you have an older pet it may be sufficient to choose a 12 month plan.

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