Plan Costs

Plan cost: €710.00 per year

Cost per additional child: €237.40 per year

Cost per additional young adult:

Age Cost
Age 18-20 €354.90
Age 21 €390.50
Age 22 €461.50
Age 23 €532.50
Age 24 €603.50
Age 25 €674.50

Hospital Cover (In-patient benefits)

What’s covered: 

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✅ A Multi-Occupancy or Semi-Private room in a Public Hospital and Day Case
✅ Public Hospital Private Room and Day Case (Covered at Semi- Private rate)
✅ Private Hospital Semi-Private Room (65% cover)
✅ Private Hospital Private Room (65% of semi-private rate)
✅ Day Case Private Hospitals (65% cover)
✅ Convalescence (€26 x 14 days)

What’s not covered: 

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❌ The Blackrock Clinic, the Mater Private and the Beacon Hospital, certain Cardiac Procedures, certain Special Procedures and procedures other than Cardiac and Special
❌ Day Case The Blackrock Clinic, the Mater Private and the Beacon Hospital
Cancer Accommodation Support

Overseas Cover

What’s covered:

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✅ Benefit Abroad For Surgical Procedures Available In Ireland (Covered – subject to level of cover available in Ireland)
✅ Benefit Abroad For Surgical Procedures Not Available In Ireland (Covered – up to the amount for for the most similar surgical procedure to treat the same condition in Ireland)
✅ Hospital Bill (Up to €100,000)
✅ Repatriation Expenses (Up to €1,000,000 )
✅ Companion Repatriation Expenses (€1,000)
✅ 24 Hour Telephone Assistance
✅ Expenses For Companion (€1,000 same benefit as for Companion Repatriation)
✅ Gender Affirmation

Maternity Cover

What’s covered:

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✅ Hospital Costs Up To 3 Nights (€385)
✅ Delivery Consultant Fees (On day of delivery obstetrician covered with a shortfall of €175 and anaesthetist covered with a shortfall of €125)

What’s not covered: 

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❌ Home Births
❌ Outpatient Maternity Consultant Care
❌ Postnatal Home Help
❌ Postnatal Home Nursing
❌ Child Home Nursing
❌ Pre & Postnatal Care
❌ Child Healthcare Benefit
❌ Parent Accompanying Child
❌ Partner Benefit
❌ Breastfeeding Consultancy
❌ Other Maternity Benefits

Outpatient Benefits

What’s covered:

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✅ Individual Excess (€125)
✅ Family Excess (€125 per person)
✅ Consultant Fees (€40 per visit; International Second Opinion Service)
✅ GP Visits (€15 x 4 visits subject to excess; Unlimited access to Digital Doctor online service; Nurse On Call covered)
✅ Physiotherapist (€25 x 2 visits; “Back Up” physiotherapy treatment providing 8 sessions, twice a year with once-off fee of €50)
✅ Non Emergency Dental (Teeth Whitening-10% point of sale discount plus 10% contribution up to max. of €25; Retainers and Fitted Gum Shields €25 contribution)
✅ Home Nursing (Health In The Home covered, immediately following an inpatient stay; Care connect (Learn More))
✅ A&E Charge (€60 per visit (public A&E only); Minor Injury Clinic Cover, 50% cover up to €100 per visit (HSE))
✅ Cancer Support Benefit (Cover for Breast Prosthesis 50% up to €1,000; Cover for wig following cancer treatment 50% up to €1,00)
✅ Employee Assistance Programme (Healthy Minds benefit – up to 6 counselling sessions via phone, chat, video or face to face)
✅ Vaccinations (HPV Vaccine – 50% up to €200 per policy year)
✅ Outpatient Policy Limit (€2,500)

What’s not covered: 

(leave blank)
❌ Emergency Dental Care
❌ Alternative Medicines-Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Osteopath
❌ Dietician, Occupational Therapist, Chiropodist, Speech Therapist
❌ Other Day To Day Practitioners
❌ Psycho-Oncology Counselling
❌ Manual Lymph Drainage
❌ Hearing Test
❌ Optical
❌ Prescription Costs
❌ Child Speech And Language Therapy
❌ Hormone Replacement Therapy for Gender Dysphoria

Outpatient Radiology

What’s covered:

(leave blank)
✅ Approved Centres (MRI, CT and PET-CT covered)
✅ Radiology Consultants’ Fees (€25 per consultant’s fee)
✅ Radiology Test Fees (€20 per test)
✅ Health Screening (Metabolic testing – Fully covered with our provider partner; Oncotype DX covered; Sexual Health Screening – Simple 2 Test– €35 contribution with our provider partner; Sexual Health Screening – Standard 6 Test €40 contribution with our provider partner; Sexual Health Screening – HPV €50 contribution with our provider partner; Pathology Consultant Fees – €25 per consultant fee, Pathology Test Fees €20 per test subject to excess; V02 Max Testing €10 point of sale discount plus €20 contribution, SADS screening €50 contribution – available as part of Travel and Sports Cover personalised package)

What’s not covered: 

(leave blank)
❌ This thing
This thing
This thing
This thing

Fertility Benefits

There are no fertility benefits included in this plan.