Travel insurance gives you peace of mind that, should something go wrong while travelling, you have financial protection. Travel insurance covers travel disruption, illness or accident, lost or stolen possessions, lost baggage, or having to cancel or cut short your holiday.

Travel insurance offers financial protection if you require medical assistance while on holiday

Who provides travel insurance quotes in Ireland?

There are multiple providers of travel insurance in ireland. Most offer varying levels of cover and a variety of forms of additional cover.

AIG - Home Insurance
An Post - Home Insurance
AA - Home Insurance
Allianz - Home Insurance
Aviva - Home Insurance

Types of Travel Insurance Policy

There is an array of types of travel insurance but they can be generally categorised by either the length of time you will be away for or specific forms of travel insurance for specific types of travel.

  • Single trip travel insurance
  • Annual or multi trip travel insurance
  • Backpacking travel insurance
  • Over 70’s travel insurance
  • Family travel insurance

Single Trip Travel Insurance

This form of travel insurance offers protection for a single holiday to one location usually for less than 30 days. The price may vary by location, depending on whether you are going to Europe or further afield such as the USA or CAnada or if you need worldwide cover.

Annual or Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Annual / multi trip policies cover you for multiple holidays (usually each of less than 30 days duration) within a year to multiple destinations, depending on the cover you choose. 

These types of policy can offer a higher level of cover than single trip policies, for example, the limits of medical emergency cover may be higher.

Backpacking Travel Insurance

Backpacking travel insurance offers protection for multiple destinations within a year, or even two years, without any limit on the duration of your stay. 

Backpacking travel insurance is essential for long term travellers, as it will offer financial protection should a medical emergency arise, and also for disrupted or missed travel arrangements, as well as lost or stolen possessions.

Over 70’s Travel Insurance

Over 70’s travel insurance is specifically for protecting the over ‘70’s. Over 70’s travel insurance is specifically designed to cater for older travellers who may have more than one pre existing health condition.

Family Travel Insurance

Family travel insurance is designed to cover a family group with more affordable children’s cover included in the policy. Some family health insurance policies have elements of travel cover included but may not cover all travel related eventualities.

What is included as standard with travel insurance?

Some benefits are included in all travel insurance policies. These would usually be included as standard in all policies, but it is a good idea to check this for a specific policy you are considering.

  • 24/7 Support
  • Medical Emergency and Repatriation Cover
  • Travel Disruption
  • Cancellation or Curtailment of your holiday
  • Lost or Delayed Baggage
  • Lost or Stolen Money or Possessions Cover
  • Personal Liability
  • Personal Accident
  • Covid 19
What do all travel insurance policies cover

24/7 Support

It is invaluable to have support should something go wrong when you are on holiday. Having information and local knowledge can make a huge difference if something goes wrong.

Medical Emergency Cover and Repatriation

Emergency medical treatment, as well as medical evacuation, and repatriation home are included in all travel insurance policies. The amounts covered may seem very high, but it is really important to have adequate cover should the worst happen.

If you have private health insurance, you may have some protection for international medical treatment in an emergency and , if you have this kind of cover, you will get a reduction on the your travel insurance premium.

Travel Disruption

Travel disruption can mean different things, depending on the policy, but generally you will be financially protected or receive some compensation if flights are cancelled or delayed past a certain point.

This kind of protection is becoming more necessary as airport disruption and travel delays are more widespread post Covid. Airport delays, as well as strikes and protests among airport staff, may cause travel delays and it is important to check what is covered when purchasing your travel insurance.

Cancellation Curtailment of your Holiday

Cancellation or curtailment of your holiday offers financial protection if you have to cancel your holiday due to death or serious illness of a close family member.Curtailment cover usually involves illness of a member of the party travelling.

Like travel disruption cover, it is important to check what is covered in your policy. Natural disasters, such as wildfires,  would not automatically be covered under this aspect of your travel insurance. You may need to purchase additional cover for natural disasters, if available from your insurer.

Lost or Delayed Baggage

Baggage that is delayed or lost in transit should generally be protected by travel insurance, however there will probably be overall and single item limits on this cover. 

There may also be a time factor, where your baggage has to be lost or delayed past a certain time frame to be covered.

Lost or Stolen Personal Money & Possessions While Abroad

Losing your passport, possessions, or money or having belongings stolen on holiday will, subject to limits, be covered by travel insurance. It is a good idea not to bring valuables on holiday as their value may be above the limits in your policy.

Personal Liability Cover

Personal liability cover will offer you protection if you are responsible for an accident, or if you damage another person’s property while on holiday. The maximum amount of cover varies between policies.

Personal Accident

Most, but not all, travel insurance policies offer cover if you have an accident whilst on your holiday. If your accident while on holiday causes you injury or disablement, you will have financial protection.

It is important to note that this type of cover will generally not include active, sports holidays, or winter sports and you will have to arrange specific, additional cover for this type of travel.

Covid 19

Unless you purchase more specific cover, Covid 19 cover is, generally, limited to being unable to travel due to a diagnosis of Covid 19. You should also check the DFA website before travel for any COVID related advisories.

What add ons can you get for travel insurance?

Travel insurance offers a number of forms of additional protection. Some additional cover is to enhance protection included in more standard travel insurance eg. travel disruption, and some additional cover is for specific forms of travel eg. winter sports. 

Here are some examples of additional cover available:

  • Travel Disruption
  • Natural Disaster or Civic Unrest cover
  • Winter Sports Cover
  • Cruise travel insurance
  • Wedding travel insurance
  • Golf travel insurance
  • Business travel insurance
insurance add ons

Travel Disruption

Travel disruption cover is enhanced protection if your holiday is disrupted by airport delays or strikes or you are forced to abandon your holiday due to extreme weather, natural disaster, or disease outbreak. 

Although travel disruption is included in all travel insurance the specific details can vary between insurers and policies and enhanced travel disruption cover offers higher levels of protection.

Natural Disaster / Civic Unrest Cover

Like the additional travel disruption cover, these types of additional cover offer enhanced protection in case of adverse weather or natural disaster or civic unrest or strikes. Again, it is really important to carefully examine what protection you are offered.

Winter Sports

For those who wish to participate in skiing or other winter sports or extreme sports, additional winter sports cover or sports cover offers protection and enhanced personal accident protection.

This cover may be available as standard on some policies but is usually an additional option.

Cruise Cover

Cruise cover offers protection for cruise travel. For example, if you are relying on air travel or public transport to travel to your designated cruise departure point and experience a delay, cruise travel insurance will offer financial protection.

Wedding Travel Cover

Wedding  travel offers protection to those who travel for their wedding and provides additional cover for personal possessions associated with weddings. Check with the DFA before travel as countries listed as advisory status will usually not be covered by insurance policies.

Golf Travel Insurance

Golf travel insurance offers additional protection for golf equipment and also specific protection. if you are too unwell to play on your golf holiday. Check with your travel carrier in advance of travel about their rules regarding sports equipment.

Business Travel Insurance

Business travel insurance offers enhanced protection if you are travelling for business purposes. It may offer higher levels of cover for electronics. Some business insurance will offer financial protection if you are ill and have to curtail your business trip.

How much is a travel insurance quote?

Travel insurance quotes will vary by provider, but single, shorter trip quotes for travel in Europe without additional options, will be cheaper than quotes for other policies.

Travel in Europe is cheaper than travel worldwide, and travel to the US and Canada is usually more expensive again, due to the high cost of healthcare in these destinations.

Additional options, such as travel disruption or winter sports, will increase the quote you can get for travel insurance.

If you have private health insurance, you will pay less for travel insurance.

Here are some examples of quotes for travel insurance.

compare insurance

Travel Insurance Quote 1:

Single trip to Europe for one week for a family of 4, both parents aged 40 and children aged 10 & 8, with private health insurance.

Aviva €30.46 Single Trip
€91.11 Annual Multi Trip
Allianz €163.10 Annual Multi Trip Gold
€130.48 Annual Multi trip Silver
€88.82 Annual Multi trip Bronze
VHI €124.00 Annual Multi trip (worldwide cover)
InsureandGo €53.92 Bronze Multi trip
€93.66 Gold multi Trip
€112.14 Platinum Multi Trip

Travel Insurance Quote 2:

Backpacker, worldwide incl. USA/ Canada cover, for 6 months, age 22.

Aviva €454.35
Laya €292.76
€190.50 ( Europe Only)

Travel Insurance Quote 3:

Business traveller, age 47, travelling to US, Brazil, UK, for ten days.

Allianz €91.07 Single Trip Gold with Business
€70.33 Single trip Silver with Business

Travel Insurance Quote 4:

Golf Holiday, 1 week in EU, for a couple ages 47, 46 including additional catastrophe cover, couple has health insurance.

AIG €37.92 Budget
€45.04 Premier
€63.43 Premier Plus

Travel Insurance Quote 5:

Skiing holiday for a single traveller, aged 29, with winter sports cover, in EU for 2 weeks, no private health insurance.

Insurer €37.58 Essential
€45.48 premier
€32.34 Premier Plus

Travel Insurance Quote 6:

Single traveller to UK for one week, aged 78, with private health insurance.

Insurer €36.18 Premier
€47.41 Premier Plus
Insureandgo €44.01 Bronze
€55.73 Gold
€75.31 Platinum

How to lower the price of travel insurance?

There is little you can do about your age or any health issues you may have, but you can still find more affordable travel insurance by following our advice.

Get quotes from multiple providers to see if you can save money. Use our assessment to see how you could save.

The cheapest policy is not always the best as it may not offer you the cover you need but you can still find savings by shopping around.

You may get cheaper travel insurance by choosing a higher excess but be aware that you will need to pay the excess amount before you are protected by your travel insurance so make sure it is an amount you can afford.

You may get cheaper travel insurance by buying online. If you require more specialist travel insurance, you may also find better cover and prices online.

You will save by buying multi trip insurance if you plan to travel more than once or twice a year. You may also get higher levels of cover in a multi trip policy in comparison to a cheaper single trip policy.

If you only plan to take a city break in Europe, you will not need an expensive worldwide, winter sports travel insurance policy. 

It is important to ensure you are adequately protected and it is never wise to skimp on medical cover, you may not need extensive additional protection for the trip you are planning.

If you have private health insurance, and you let your travel insurer know about this, you will save on travel insurance. Some insurers offer a 25% discount on travel insurance for customers who have private health insurance.

Get the best travel insurance quotes today.

Travel insurance can be complex, and it can be expensive if you choose the wrong cover. If something goes wrong on holiday, you will also be glad of the peace of mind that having the right travel insurance in place can bring.

Contact us today to get advice on purchasing travel insurance at the best price for your needs.

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