A hearing aid makes such a difference to your life but hearing aids can be expensive to purchase, and expensive to replace should you need to.

You have made an investment in yourself in purchasing a hearing aid and some, more expensive models or bespoke hearing aids come with a pretty hefty price tag. You can protect this investment by insuring your hearing aid.

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Hearing Aid Insurance Ireland

What is hearing aid insurance?

Hearing aid insurance is financial protection to repair or replace your hearing aid, should it be damaged, lost or stolen. 

There are two ways to insure your hearing aid. You can either purchase specific hearing aid insurance, although this has very limited availability in the Irish market, or you can protect your hearing aid on your home contents insurance.

Specific hearing aid insurance

Specific hearing aid insurance may be available as part of an aftercare package from your audiologist. 

Hearing aid insurance, which is separate from your manufacturer’s warranty, offers financial protection for loss, theft, or damage to your hearing aid. Specific hearing aid insurance is offered on the Irish market by:

  • Hidden Hearing

Hidden Hearing, providers of hearing healthcare, offer their Essential Care Plan to their patients. This insurance product is only an option if you purchase your hearing aid from Hidden Hearing.

This plan includes unlimited repairs to your hearing aid, including repairs for accidental damage, as well as replacement of lost or stolen hearing aids. They will replace your hearing aid with a like for like replacement for free once and for 10% of the purchase price should you need a second or subsequent replacement.

The plan also offers free cover whilst you are on holidays.

Hearing aid insurance on your home insurance

You can insure your hearing aid as part of your home contents insurance. 

Your home contents insurance offers protection for your personal possessions that are in your home, as distinct from the fabric and permanent fixtures of your home which are covered by your buildings insurance.

However, you cannot assume that your hearing aid is automatically covered on your home contents insurance as soon as you purchase it. Your home contents insurance has a single item limit, which varies by insurer, which probably won’t be high enough to cover the value of your hearing aid.

You will need to add your hearing aid as a specified possession to your home contents insurance to protect it in case your hearing aid is stolen, damaged, or lost. This must be arranged with your insurer and, as it is an optional extra, may increase the price of your home insurance.

You will also need to ensure that your hearing aid is added to your home contents insurance policy on an all risks basis.

Hearing aid insurance on your home insurance

All risks insurance

Insuring your hearing aid on an all risks basis means that it will be protected when you take it away from your home. Some home insurers will also offer accidental damage cover for personal possessions, including hearing aids, away from your home. 

It is also wise to check whether your hearing aid is covered by your home contents insurance when you are on holiday.

You may need to provide your insurer with a valuation of your hearing aid, or purchase receipt if it is a recent purchase.

Home Insurers who cover hearing aids

Home insurers who may offer protection for your hearing aid on a home contents policy include:

AXA - Home Insurance
Aviva - Home Insurance
AA - Home Insurance
AIG - Home Insurance
Allianz - Home Insurance
An Post - Home Insurance
FBD - Home Insurance
Liberty - Home Insurance
AIB - Home Insurance
Zurich - Home Insurance

(through brokers)

Hearing aid cover with health insurance

Health insurers may offer some benefit towards the cost of a hearing test or towards the purchase of a hearing aid. Health insurers operating in the Irish market are:

Vhi offers benefit towards hearing a hearing test, as well as a contribution towards the purchase of a hearing aid on some of their plans.

The plans which offer this benefit are mostly plans that offer more day to day health benefits. Their PMI 04 11 plan offers €3,500 towards a hearing aid.

Laya offers a hearing benefit with some of their plans which offers a contribution towards costs for hearing care.

Their Transform Care plan offers their Hearing Benefit which covers 50% of costs up to €150 per year. This hearing Benefit is available, at different limits, on various plans.

Irish Life health does not offer any contribution to the cost of a hearing aid.

Some of their plans offer benefit for day to day medical expenses. Their BeFit 3 plan offers €25 towards one hearing test.

Hearing aid cover with health insurance

How much is hearing aid insurance?

Hidden Hearing’s Essential Care Plan costs €99  per year for one hearing aid (€199 for two hearing aids) and offers protection for four years, renewable annually.

Home contents only insurance, with cover of €30,000 for contents, including €4,000 specified all risks cover for hearing aid, including an excess of €250, has the following annual costs:

Insurer Cost
AXA €226.37
RSA €289.54
Allianz €458.21
FBD €293.63
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Hearing aid insurance FAQs

The market for hearing aid insurance is relatively new. We have summarized the main questions consumers looking to buy hearing aid insurance have below.

With specific hearing aid insurance from your hearing aid provider, you may be eligible for repair of your hearing aids and your hearing aid may also be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have insured your hearing aid on your home contents insurance, your insurance will not protect you for hearing aid repairs when it is broken. You may have to return to your hearing healthcare provider and see if your hearing aid can be repaired under warranty.

This depends on the details of your policy. Specific hearing aid insurance from Hidden Hearing offers unlimited cover abroad.

Home contents insurance may offer protection for theft or loss of your hearing aid while you are on holiday. Check the details of your policy as you may only be covered for a limited number of days abroad per year with specified all risks home insurance.

If your hearing aid is stolen from a locked car, you may be able to avail of personal possessions cover on your car insurance to recover some of the cost of your hearing aid. 

If you have home contents specified, all risks cover for your hearing aid, it may be covered when the hearing aid is in your car.

It is a good idea to insure your hearing aid as soon as it is practical after you purchase the hearing aid. 

Rather than wait for your home contents insurance renewal, arrange to add your hearing aid on a specified item all risks basis to your home contents insurance. 

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