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At Compare Insurance, our mission is to help you make informed decisions by presenting clear details on the types of insurance, policies, and insurance companies available. 

Insurance Comparison in Ireland is largely controlled by insurance brokerages behind closed doors, with little to no public comparison available. 

In larger markets, there are companies who take it upon themselves to compare and contrast various insurance policies and companies.

In the USA they use the JD Power Score, and in the UK they have which.co.uk. In Ireland, impartial insurance comparison does not exist for many products. Health insurance has good comparisons, such as the HIA and programs on Newstalk such as “Ask the Expert”, but most insurance products and companies are lacking any real comparison. 

This leaves the consumer with very few options when it comes to researching the various options available to them. 

reland is largely controlled by insurance brokerages behind closed doors

The Problems with Insurance Comparison in Ireland


Commission Incentives

Many brokerages have preferential deals with certain insurance providers. This means the commission they earn from sending you to one company over another can vary greatly from provider to provider. This is a disincentive to conduct a fair comparison. 


Limited Comparison Options

Insurance brokers (particularly the smaller companies, or tied agents) may not have access to every option in the market, meaning that although there are many places to find public liability insurance, not every provider is being assessed.


Price-only Comparisons

For policies like serious illness cover, you can find online calculators to compare the main providers on the price of their cover alone. However, with something as important as income protection, the choice of provider is important due to policy exclusions.

At compare insurance, we solve these 3 major issues by:

We provide all website information freely and openly without charge, paywall or advertisements.

We only connect our readers with Central bank regulated advisors who have access to all insurance options in the market.

We insist that all insurance advisors provide complimentary quotes and consultations on all products, so you have all relevant information before you make any decision.

What is the purpose of Compare Insurance?

CompareInsurance.ie is an impartial insurance information and support.

We provide as much information as we possibly can on the various types of insurance and aim to explain in simple terms the key differences between the various products and companies.

We connect our readers with reputable & qualified insurance professionals that will deliver free and accurate quotes so you can always find a great deal.

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