Non standard home insurance usually entails a risk to insurers that is not covered by standard house insurance.

Usually, either the area where the house is situated is considered to be of higher risk or the property itself is of non- standard build.

Non-standard build properties could have a flat roof which greater than 50% of the total roof area. In a non-standard insurance policy, the insurer will provide specialist home insurance for non standard risks such as holiday homes, listed buildings.

What does non standard house insurance cover

What does non standard home insurance cover?

A house built in an area of subsidence, previous landslip or in a flood risk area will require non standard home insurance and will be unlikely to be covered by a standard home insurance policy. Houses that have been previously underpinned due to subsidence are also unlikely to be covered.

Houses that are over 100 years old, a listed building or a protected structure will not fall under the standard conditions of home insurance cover. This is due to the increased rebuilding costs required to maintain such a structure as they may have to be repaired using specialised construction methods or require more specific materials to preserve their character.

Houses with flat roofs will also require non standard house insurance. Usually standard house insurance will cover only buildings that have 20/ 30 % of their total roof surface as a flat roof (eg. an extension to the house).

To insure properties of non standard construction which use off standard materials or have bespoke designs will need to be covered under a non standard home insurance policy. Some examples of these designs are fully timber framed houses, log cabins, and eco homes.

Properties where there are non standard patterns of occupancy (other than holiday homes) or where houses are uninhabited for a high proportion of time will require non standard cover due to the likelihood of faults eg. leaks going undetected and also an increased risk of break-ins.

If a property is being renovated, the standard home insurance in place may not provide cover while renovation work is carried out, and the property may need non standard home cover for this period.

If a house is also used as a business space or where part of a home is has a business attached, this may require specific cover. Even carrying out childminding in a home my require specialist insurance cover.

If you own rented properties and you are looking to get public liability cover , reduce your legal liability in the event of adverse claims or insure your personal possessions against accidental damage you may also need non standard house insurance.

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Who offers non standard home insurance in Ireland?

Allianz - Home Insurance

Allianz can offer flexible cover when contacted directly by the customer.

Irish Heritage Insurance Services – specifically cover protected structures and period properties.

OBF insurance group are brokers who specialise if non standard home insurance policies. are brokers who specialise in cheap high risk insurance cover.

Dolmen insurance brokers offer bespoke insurance cover for non standard home insurance.

Arachas brokers offer quotes for non standard home insurance cover.

Plum Underwriters work with brokers to offer non standard home insurance.

Quote Devil are brokers who specifically offer cover to houses affected by pyrite and will cover the house while remedial construction is carried out.

Is non standard home insurance more expensive than normal home insurance?

Non standard home insurance cover homes which are consider higher risk for the various reasons outlined above.

This may entail higher premiums than those usually quoted online.

Who needs non standard home insurance?

Non standard home insurance is required if you own or rent any of the following:

  • Customers with a claim history.
  • People who live in a property that is protected or a listed building..
  • Customers who have had insurance cancelled, declined, or refused insurance in the past.
  • Customers who may have previous convictions.
  • Homes with a high value property or high value contents.
  • Homes with non- standard patterns of occupancy.
  • Property in areas prone to landslip, subsidence, or designated flood risk areas.
  • Homes with bespoke or non standard construction.
  • Houses with flat roofs.
  • Listed or period homes, or protected structures, or homes over 100 years old.
  • Houses under renovation.
  • Houses which are used to carry out a business.

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How to get cheaper non standard home insurance?

Having an excess in your policy can reduce the insurance premium. An excess is the amount you will pay out of your own pocket towards the cost of repair or replacement in the event of a claim.

Regular maintenance and inspection of a house that is of non standard construction or unoccupied can lessen the likelihood of having to claim on your policy. For unoccupied properties having adequate locks and a monitored alarm system can bring down the price of the policy.

If insuring a flat roof property, maintaining the roof with annual roof inspections and replacing the roof every 15 years will lessen the likelihood of having to claim on an insurance policy.

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