Although a relatively straightforward product, income protection insurance companies offer some variation in what they offer. It is important to be aware of the differences in cover so that you are getting the best cover for you to give you complete peace of mind.

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Who offers income protection insurance in Ireland?

The cost of income protection insurance depends on your income, and how much of it you choose to insure.  

You can only insure up to 75% of your income, including any employer and social welfare payments.  The age at which you choose cover to end will also affect the price of your policy as will the deferred period you choose.  The deferred period is the time before payment of benefits begins.

Who offers income protection insurance in Ireland
Insurer Person 1*  Person 2**
Aviva €32.90 (reviewable) €19.74 (after tax relief)
€35.71 (guaranteed) €21.43
€347.56 (reviewable) €208.53
€364.34 (guaranteed) €218.61
Irish Life €37.67 (reviewable) €22.60
€45.77 (guaranteed) €27.46
No quote
New Ireland €40.73 (guaranteed) €24.44 €499.22 (guaranteed) €299.53
Royal London €33.35 (guaranteed) €20.01 €364.34 (guaranteed) €218.61
Zurich €43.09 (guaranteed) €25.85 €432.29 (guaranteed) €259.37

* Example 1 – 30 year old, midwife, employee, earning €39,317 per year, non smoker, no illnesses, covering 50% of income, deferred period 26 weeks, covered until age 60. Accurate as of 04/05/23/
** Example 2 – 46 year old carpenter, self employed, earning €44,950 per year, non smoker, no illnesses, covering 75% of income, deferred period 13 weeks, covered until age 65. Accurate as of 04/05/23/

Quote data accurate as of May 4th 2023

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Differences Between Income Protection Insurance Companies


Aviva - Home Insurance

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Aviva offers a guaranteed premium for the term of your policy with cover ending between 55 and 70 years of age.

They offer protection up to € 262,000 per year and also offer an indexation option. Aviva offers cover on an ‘own occupation’ basis which means that if you are unfit to work at your own usual occupation then you will receive benefit from the plan (you do not have to be unfit for all occupation).

Aviva will also continue to cover you if you change employers and allow you to top up your policy if you require it. Aviva offers wage protector for customers who have riskier jobs, this policy will pay out for a maximum of 24 months.

Irish Life

irish life

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Irish Life allows you to take out an income protection policy up to the age of 54 with cover available up to age 65, up to €250,000 per year.

They offer a guaranteed premium with a choice of deferred period from 13 weeks.

New Ireland

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New Ireland offer income protection until 65 years, with deferred periods of 8, 13, 26, or 52 weeks.

The cost of your cover does not increase unless you choose an indexation option.

Their confirmed income option means that, if your income falls during the term of the policy, they will continue to cover you for your original income. They offer a daily amount on hospital stays of more than 7 days ( max. 90 days).

They also offer the option to continue your cover if you are unemployed, on a career break, or taking parental leave.

Royal London

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Royal London Ireland offer income protection to workers working more than 16 hours per week in paid employment or self employment.

They offer cover up to the age of 70 with a choice of deferred periods – 4 to 52 weeks.

Royal London offer the option of a split deferred benefit ie. you have two deferred periods in one policy to allow you to receive a lower level of benefit for a period of time then the higher level of benefit would be paid out.

This is useful if, for example, your employer offers half pay sick benefit for a time. They also offer escalation in claim ie. 3% increase each year you are receiving benefit, to keep up with inflation. With their terminal illness benefit, payment would start immediately at the date of diagnosis.


Zurich - Home Insurance

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Zurich offers a personal income protection plan with a monthly or yearly premium with no limit on the number of times you can claim within the term.

They offer proportionate payment should you earn less or work part time on your return to work.

They offer rehabilitative support to help you get back to work and will fund the costs of treatment eg. rehab nurses, physiotherapy, or specialist doctors.

How much tax relief is there on income protection insurance?

You will be able to claim tax relief on mortgage protection premiums at your marginal rate of tax ie. if you pay tax at the 40% rate, you can claim 40% of your premiums.

The government is happy to cover the cost of income protection for workers, as it takes potential stress off the Irish social welfare system.

How much tax relief is there on income protection insurance

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How to compare different life insurance policies?

It is easy to get a straightforward quote for income protection policy based on your income, how much of it you want to insure, and the term of the policy.

However, insurance companies differ in what they offer in many ways. It is important to look at what you are being offered and choose the options that are most important to you.

For example, you may want to choose an ‘own occupation’ option, or a split deferred period may suit you best.

It is also worth checking where your occupation falls in terms of job risk, as different insurers categorise jobs differently.

compare insurance

Does my policy include how long I can claim income protection insurance while unable to work?

Although it is important to check at the outset, most policies will continue to pay benefit for the term of the policy as long as you are unable to work due to illness or injury.
Most policies offer support to facilitate your return to work and may ask that you attend their medical specialists.

Many will also support a return to part time or lower paid employment by ‘topping up’ lower pay with benefit for the term of the policy.

Royal London also offer back to work benefit which entails financial support for the first three months of your return to full time work following a claim of more than one year.

How can I reduce the cost of my income protection?

Much of the cost of the policy is determined by your income, as well as your age, current health, family medical history, lifestyle factors such as smoking and your job risk.

However, you can choose how much of your income you wish to insure ( it does not have to be 75%), you can choose a longer deferred period (the time before benefit is paid), and you can forego flexibility options, and/ or indexation options all of which will reduce your premium.

Tailored Income Protection Insurance Quotes

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Does my job affect the cost of income protection?

Yes. The level of perceived risk inherent in your job will affect firstly, whether or not you will be offered income protection cover and, secondly, how much you will pay for income protection.

Categories of risk are divided into classes 1-4 or 5/D which are occupations which are deemed uninsurable as they are too risky to insure.

job risk for income protection

Income Protection Industry Class 1

White collar workers eg. accountant, solicitor, university lecturer, bank official.

Income Protection Industry Class 2

Mainly administrative workers eg. hairdresser, biochemist, caterer.

Income Protection Industry Class 3

Skilled occupations without heavy manual duties eg. care assistant, nurse, shop worker.

Income Protection Industry Class 4

Skilled tradespersons eg. bricklayer, carpenter, plumber.

Income Protection Industry Class 5

These occupations are considered too inherently risky to cover eg. soldier, pilot, prison worker.


This is the time after which your monthly payments will begin. It may be a few weeks up to 52 weeks. Generally, the longer the deferred period, the less you will pay for your income protection insurance.

This means that the amount you pay for cover each month is fixed at the outset (unless you choose to increase you cover) and is not subject to review by your insurer.

This means that your premium payments are covered by your insurer which you are receiving benefit so you do not have to pay them and you continue to be covered.

Some insurers offer the option where, if you are out of work and receiving benefit each month for more than 12 months, your payments will increase by 3% each year to keep up with inflation.

This is an additional option with some insurers where you can increase your cover (subject to limits) during the term of the policy without providing further medical evidence eg. on receiving a pay rise.

This means that your policy will continue to pay a reduced level of benefit for the term of the policy should you earn less on your return to work or need to return to work part time following your illness or injury.

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