Quick & easy to get coverage. Can be done just over the phone!

Have peace of mind knowing you will have uncompromising access to private healthcare.

Starting from €1.30 a day. Good coverage is less than you think.

Quick & easy to get coverage. Can be done just over the phone!

Have peace of mind knowing you will have uncompromising access to private healthcare..

Starting from €1.30 a day. Good coverage is less than you think.

Overall Rating

Very handy if you need some advice on the best plan. Easy cost comparison too. Highly recommended.

Got covered over the phone. Exceptional service. 

Overall Rating

Very handy if you need some advice on the best plan. Easy cost comparison too. Highly recommended.

Got covered over the phone. Exceptional service. 

How does this work?

It’s never too late to get health insurance, but the best time to get a policy is as soon as possible.

Health insurance popularity is at an all time high, largely due to the issues in the Irish public healthcare system. 

Our health insurance team compare all the various health insurance providers to find you the best deal possible. 

Health insurance provides peace of mind that you are protected should you, or one of your family, fall ill or have an accident and need medical care.

It offers protection for a range of medical expenses. Health insurance in Ireland provides access to private healthcare, either in a public, private, or high-tech hospital as well as access to private medical consultant care. 

Health insurance can protect you for medical expenses as an inpatient or outpatient, or sometimes for day to day medical expenses, meaning your out of pocket expenses may be reduced.

Private health insurance premiums benefit from tax relief.

What is health insurance

Who offers health insurance in Ireland?

Currently there are three insurance companies providing health insurance in Ireland.

These insurers each offer a complex range of plans covering various types and levels of healthcare. 

More basic plans tend to cover inpatient care on a semi private basis, whereas the higher end plans may cover high tech hospital care and treatments, and/ or a range of day to day medical expenses.

Health Insurance Quotes

Compare the cost of quotes from all providers to get the best possible value for your health insurance. 

For a more accurate quote, take the assessment at the top of the page and a member of the Compare Insurance team will be in touch to get you the best quotes on the market for FREE!

Insurer Example 1*  Example 2**  Example 3***
VHI One Plan:
€268.54 – €125 hospital excess
One Plus Plan:
€275.32 – €125 hospital excess
One Plan Family:
€282.14 – €125 hospital excess
Enhanced Care 350:
€206.81 – €50 hospital excess
Provident Care Plus:
€492.62 – €100 hospital excess
Advanced Care Extra Day to Day:
€550.47 – €200 hospital excess
Company Plan Executive:
€644.39 – €1 hospital excess
Public Plus Care:
€40.01 – €100 excess
Public Plus Care Day to Day:
€42.51 – €100 excess
Laya Precision 150 Connect:
€256.40- €75 day case excess/ €150 in patient excess
Advantage 175 Explore:
€336.65 – €75 day case/ €175 in patient excess
Advantage 125 Explore:
€396.42 – €50 day case/ €125 in patient excess
Flex 175 Explore:
€274.75 – €75 day case/ €175 in patient excess
Control 150 Connect:
€279.90 – €75 day case/ €150 inpatient excess
Essential Connect Health:
€342.45 – €75 day case/ €150 inpatient excess
Assure Protect:
€43.06 – no hospital excess
Transform Entry:
€53.67- no hospital excess
Future Protect:
€53.86 – no hospital excess
Irish Life Benefit 2:
€196.70 – €300 hospital excess
Benefit Access 300:
€201.00 – €300 hospital excess
My Plan 150:
€230.52 – €300 hospital excess
Optimise Silver:
€834.38 – no hospital excess
Optimise Gold:
€1089.48 – no hospital excess
Optimise Platinum:
€1338.52 – no hospital excess
First Cover:
€39.05 – no hospital excess
Select Starter:
€50.02 – no hospital excess
Kick- Off plan:
€55.12 – no hospital excess

* Example 1 (all prices are monthly) – Family with two adults aged 47, 46, and two children aged 16, 14. Would like semi- private in patient cover.
** Example 2 (all prices are monthly) – Couple aged 57, 60, no children included on plan. Would like private hospital cover.
*** Example 3 (all prices are monthly) – Single person, aged 26. Would like basic hospital cover.

Benefits of Health Insurance

Charges for hospital care and accommodation, consultants fees, maternity care, mental health in and out patient care, substance abuse treatment, and overseas emergency healthcare may all be covered, to varying degrees, by private health insurance. 

Day to day medical expenses, such as GP visits, scans and medical tests and therapies such as physiotherapy may also be covered by private health insurance, depending on the plan you choose.

Generally, hospital cover is offered at different levels with private care in a public hospital, semi- private and private care in private hospitals or care in high tech hospitals available on different health insurance products. Generally, the more access to private hospitals you choose on your plan, the higher the premium you will pay for health insurance.

Insurance cover for day to day medical expenses also varies, depending on which plan you choose. Again, generally, higher cover for out of pocket medical expenses apart from inpatient hospital care means higher health insurance premiums.

There are also additional healthcare benefits which differ by insurer.

VHI offers many additional healthcare benefits such as access to their 360 Health Care centres and Swiftcare clinics. They offer support through their Healthy Mind and Health Coach services as well as dermatology, women’s health, fertility, and pregnancy supports. VHI also offers digital healthcare for their members.

Laya offers access to care at their Laya health and wellbeing clinics and a Healthcare concierge service. They also offer access to online gp and nurse consultations as well as cardiac screening.

Irish Life Health offers access to a DIgital Doctor service, as well as their Healthy Minds service. Their Back Up service offers physiotherapy for back and neck injuries. They also offer access to a minor injury clinic.

Health Insurance FAQs

There are different forms of insurance excess and limits built into health insurance policies which you may need to be aware of.

An excess is an amount you have to pay before you receive any benefit from your health insurance.  

An in- patient excess may need to be paid each night you spend as an in- patient or per stay in hospital and can vary between no excess and €500, depending on your plan.

An outpatient excess may need to be paid if you need to attend hospital as a day case, per consultant visit or for each diagnostic test or scan you require. All health insurance plans are different, so it is really important to consider the excess you may need to pay before you choose your health insurance plan.

As well as these excesses,  there may be a minimum threshold before you are entitled to receive benefits on your health insurance plan. For example, you may need to spend €500 in a year on consultant fees before you can claim any benefit on your health insurance plan.

There may also be a maximum amount of benefit paid per insurance period or year.

No. your plan will specify the level of cover you can benefit from. Your plan may offer cover for treatment as a private patient in a public hospital, semi- private or private accommodation in a private hospital, or accommodation and/ or treatment in a high tech hospital.

No, everyone who is ordinarily resident in Ireland is entitled to public healthcare in a public hospital. However, health insurance offers cover for private health care and, depending on your plan you may receive benefit for private outpatient treatment and day to day medical expenses.

You may also be able to access care quicker as a private patient, as well as have a wider choice of healthcare providers.

Yes, health insurance premiums are net of tax which is deducted at source. You may also be able to claim income tax relief on medical expenses.

Generally no. Lifetime community rating means that everyone will pay the same premium for the same health insurance product. 

If you first take out health insurance over the age of 35, or you have a break in health insurance cover over 13 weeks, you may face a premium loading initially on taking out a new health insurance policy. 

Children’s health insurance and health insurance for young adults (aged 18- 25) may be at a reduced price.

Yes, all health insurance plans offer some maternity benefits. Depending on your plan, you may be covered for semi- private or private accommodation in a maternity hospital. You may also be able to avail of benefit for a home birth under some health insurance plans.

insurance faqs

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Health insurance gives you peace of mind that you have protection should you have a health issue and need medical advice and treatment. You and your family will have better access to healthcare and have the option of receiving private healthcare and treatment should you need it.

Health insurance can be complex and there is a wide array of plans and prices with many factors to consider. Fill in our online assessment or call us and we can advise you and support you to choose the best and most affordable cover for you and your family.

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