Classic car insurance is a form of  car insurance for cars that are over 25 years old and used for occasional use, car shows and display. It is not intended to cover driving the car as your main vehicle.

It is required by law to have motor insurance in Ireland so it is important to find out the cost of classic car insurance before purchasing a classic car. 

Classic Car Insurance Ireland

What is classic car insurance?

Classic or Vintage car insurance is a specific form of car insurance intended to offer financial protection to drivers of cars over 25 years old who drive older cars as a hobby or for the purposes of attending classic car shows.

Classic car insurance is not intended to cover driving an older car as your main vehicle, rather there are limits on the mileage allowed, usually 5,000 km per year (FBD) or 10,000km per year (AXA).

What does classic car insurance cover?

Classic car insurance is a specific form of car insurance which offers protection to drivers of classic or vintage cars. So when does your old jalopy become a classic car and is there a difference between insuring an older car and insuring a classic car?

A vintage car is deemed to be a car manufactured pre 1939, while a classic car is a car over 20 years old. Classic car insurance is available for cars over 25 years old in Ireland.

In terms of motor tax regulations, a vintage or classic car is any car over 30 years old. Motor tax is significantly cheaper for vintage cars.

Generally, classic car insurance is designed to cover cars that are over 25 years old, in excellent condition, and that drive less than 5,200km (AXA) or 5,000 km (FBD) per year.

Classic cars insurance is intended to cover occasional social, domestic, and pleasure driving, and travel to classic car shows or for display purposes. Classic car insurance is not intended to cover the use of the classic or vintage car as a main vehicle.

It is also important to note that a classic car insurance policy does not cover driving other cars as part of the insurance cover.

What does classic car insurance cover

No claims discount on classic car insurance policies.

Unlike private car insurance for regular driving, some classic car insurance does not offer a no claims discount. This varies between insurers. AXA offers up to 70% no claims discount which will mirror the no claims discount that you have on your main, private car. FBD does not offer a no claims discount on their classic car insurance.

no claims bonus or discount is a discount your insurer will give you on your premium

Driving Abroad

Both insurers will offer protection for driving abroad in the UK, or the EU. AXA offers 31 days cover in the EU for pleasure driving or for travelling to car shows. FBD also covers you for using the car for occasional social or pleasure driving or for travel to motor shows in Ireland, the UK, and the EU.

AXA offers motor rescue or breakdown assistance in Ireland or in the UK with their policies. They also  offer windscreen protection as standard. FBD offers windscreen cover and breakdown assistance in Ireland and the UK as part of their comprehensive policies.

If you are a younger driver in Ireland, you will find it more difficult to find classic car insurance. AXA expressly offers their classic car insurance to drivers over 25 only.

Types of Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance comes with several types of cover.The type of cover you choose will depend on your budget, and the extent to which you require financial protection for damage to your own classic car.

  • Third party only cover.
  • Third party, fire, and theft cover.
  • Comprehensive cover.
  • Trailer cover
Third party car insurance, Third party fire and theft car insurance, Comprehensive car insurance

Third Party Only Cover

This level of cover offers protection for damage to another vehicle or third party property in the event of an accident, as well as financial protection where you cause injury to others while driving. This is the legal minimum level of cover required to drive in Ireland.

Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover

This level of cover offers protection for damage to another vehicle or third party property, and cover for injury caused to another person if you are found at fault in an accident. Third party, fire and theft cover also offers financial protection for fire damage to your own vehicle, fire brigade charges, and theft of your vehicle.

Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive classic car policies offer significantly wider cover and cover all of the above, as well as protection for accidental damage to your own vehicle, windscreen cover and breakdown assist. Classic car cover typically does not cover you to drive other cars on the same policy.

Trailer Cover

FBD offers third party attached trailer cover on its comprehensive classic car insurance policy as standard.  Optional additions include third party detached trailer cover, and comprehensive cover for specified trailers.

Who offers classic car insurance in Ireland?

There is limited availability of companies directly offering classic or vintage car insurance in Ireland. Although almost no insurers offer insurance to cars older than 15 years old as a main car in Ireland, there are two insurers who offer specific policies for classic and vintage car insurance.

AXA - Home Insurance
FBD - Home Insurance

How much is classic car insurance in Ireland?

Classic car insurance may be less expensive than you would expect and it may actually be cheaper than insuring your main car. This is due to the low mileage limits and the expectation of careful driving and good maintenance. 

Classic car insurance is also based on the adoption of an agreed value rather than a market value for the classic car. This is intended to reflect the fact that classic cars may be a hobby for an enthusiast, rather than a strictly monetary asset, and will reflect the time, money, and effort spent restoring the car.

Classic car insurance may also be less expensive as classic car insurers will retain the rights to the value of car parts and components for scrap or resale if the car is written off in an accident. This means that the insurer will not have to cover the full value of the classic car in the event of a claim.

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Classic Car Insurance Quote 1

AXA Ireland 

Classic car insurance for 1993 Austin Mini, 1.3L Petrol engine purchase price €9,500, for 47 year old driver with 9 + years no claims bonus.

Fully comprehensive cover €240 – €280 per year.

Classic Car Insurance Quote 2

AA Ireland

Comprehensive cover for 2001 Mini Cooper for 46 year old driver with 9+years no claims bonus.

€380.51 per year.

Classic Car Insurance Quote 3


Classic car insurance for 1993 Austin Mini, 1.3L petrol for 46 year old driver with 9+ years no claims bonus.

€226.66  Comprehensive (includes accidental damage, and windscreen cover)

€201.00  Third party, fire and theft.

How to get cheaper classic car insurance?

It is possible to find more affordable classic car insurance. If you are looking for ways to reduce the cost of your classic car insurance, keep the following in mind:

Classic car insurance is usually offered to older drivers only (at least 25 years old). This reflects the fact that older drivers will have built up a good driving history and can demonstrate their careful driving. Any previous claims on either your main car insurance policy or on a classic car insurance policy will mean that you will pay more for classic car insurance.

Keep your classic car securely in a garage or lock up and you will save money on classic car insurance. If the car is off the road and locked in a garage for a portion of the year, tell your insurer as this may decrease your premium.

Part of the attraction of classic and vintage cars for enthusiasts is the challenge of restoring and maintaining beautiful older vehicles, from whatever era. It is a good idea to maintain the car well, in any case, and keep all body, and engine parts in good working order. 

AXA offer quotes for classic car insurance based on mileage bands (up to 1,00km, 1,000- 3,500 km, 3,500 – 5,200km per year) and FBD also offer classic car insurance based on lower mileage, so the amount you drive will affect the premium for your classic car insurance. Generally, the less you drive the classic car the cheaper the premium will be.

If you insure your main car with the same insurer as your classic car, you will save money on your premiums. Both AXA and FBd will offer a discount if you insure more than one classic car with them also.

If you join a classic car club, you will save money on your classic car insurance. Classic or vintage car clubs also organise events and rallies for classic car enthusiasts.

Other Non Standard Motor Insurance

Other forms of non standard car insurance are available, for example cover for classic or vintage motorbikes, AXA and Liberty provide insurance for motorbikes and scooters, but do not specifically cover vintage or classic motorbikes.

Ornella Underwriters cover vintage campervans and caravans with bespoke cover, depending on your vehicle.

What is the difference between insuring an older car and insuring a classic car?

A classic car is over 25 years old, in good condition, and used occasionally rather than as a main car. Older cars can be costly to insure as they may lack safety features, may require costly repairs with harder to find parts, and may be a target for thieves. This can make it very costly to insure older vehicles, rather than classic cars.

It is worth noting that AA Ireland and Liberty will offer quotes for cars that are up to 20 years old, so although not strictly classic car insurance they may be an option for someone driving an older car.

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