Gadget insurance covers you if your smartphone, tablet, watch, device, digital camera, or accessories  are damaged, stolen, or lost or has a breakdown.  Although mobile providers usually offer insurance, you can often get better protection and a better price if you shop around.  Some gadgets may be covered by your home insurance. 

However, they may not be covered for use outside of the home and a high excess or increased premiums may make it non financially viable to claim on your home insurance.

Gadget insurance covers you if your smartphone, tablet, watch, device, digital camera, or accessories are damaged, stolen, or lost

What is gadget insurance?

Gadget insurance offers financial protection if your smartphone or gadget is broken, damaged, lost, or stolen, and for any fraudulent calls, data use, or downloads whilst it was lost or stolen.  It also offers limited cover for accessories such as headphones, chargers, and cases.  

Gadget insurance is usually only offered for newer gadgets, although Blue Insurance will cover gadgets up to 5 years old. will only cover phones or tablets up to 12 months old.

An excess is the amount you pay out of pocket before you are offered any protection by your gadget insurance.  The excess can vary from policy to policy.  It is important to weigh up whether the cost of your gadget premium plus the excess makes your insurance financially worthwhile.

Who offers gadget insurance in Ireland?

When looking for gadget insurance in Ireland the following providers should be considered: 

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What does gadget insurance cover?

Accidental Damage Cover

Accidental and malicious damage, as well as cracked glass, or liquid damage is usually covered.  Gadget insurance offers repair, replacement of parts, or replacement with a refurbished or new device.

Breakdown Cover

Mechanical breakdown (outside of warranty)  is usually covered.  Again, you will be covered for repair, or replacement with a refurbished device if repair is not viable.  If no refurbished device is available, you may receive a new replacement.  Laptops are not usually covered for breakdown.

Gadget Theft Cover

Theft is usually covered, as long as the theft is reported to the mobile provider, and the Gardai within 24 hours of its discovery.  Fraudulent calls as well as use of data, downloads etc. are also covered, again, as long as the theft is reported within 24 hours. 

You may have to provide evidence of use of your phone up to its theft to avail of this cover.  Also, there are conditions around claiming for theft ie. the phone or gadget cannot be left in an unlocked car or house.

Loss of Gadget Cover

Loss can be covered, although it is not always standard.  Again, the loss must be reported to your mobile provider within 24 hours. 

Calls, downloads, or use of data will also be covered if you report the loss in time. Loveitcoverit covers loss as standard.  Blue Insurance offers loss cover as an additional option. offers cover for loss in their Mobile Cover Complete policy.

How am I compensated for making a gadget insurance claim?

Usually you will be offered  a repair.  If only part of the device is damaged, you will be offered a partial repair.  If the gadget is lost or stolen, or beyond economic repair, you will be offered a refurbished device as a replacement. 

Where there is no refurbished device available, you will be offered a new replacement. 

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Commonly Insured Gadgets

What can you cover?  Blue Insurance covers the widest range of gadgets with cover for:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Smart watches
  • Digital cameras and lenses
  • Notebooks
  • Laptops
  • MP3 players
  • Wriggle devices
  • Handheld games consoles
  • Ebook readers
  • Headphones
  • Portable speakers

Other insurers offer protection for smartphones, tablets, and sometimes smart watches.

How much is gadget insurance?

Example 1 

Blue Insurance cover for iPhone 13  – €7.99 monthly with excess of €75.

Example 2

Blue Insurance cover for HP Probook 450 G6 laptop – €8.99 monthly.

Example 3 offering cover a child’s tablet for the school year for €59.99

Example 4

Loveitcoverit cover for a Samsung S20 Plus 5G – 6.49 monthly.

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International Gadget Cover

Overseas cover is usually available as part of your gadget insurance policy.  Most policiers offer worldwide cover, as long as the gadget was purchased in Ireland, the UK or the US and is used in Ireland. Blue has a limit of 180 days a year for their overseas cover.

International cover is perfect for frequent travellers.

Overseas cover is usually available as part of your gadget insurance policy

How many claims can be made each year?

This varies between insurance companies.  Loveitcoverit allows unlimited claims and repairs.  Chill allows two claims every 12 months.  

It is important to check this at the point of taking out the policy as it may not make financial sense to pay premiums and an excess if the repairs are limited.

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Common Claim Rejection Reasons

You cannot claim for the first 14 days of taking out a new policy.  You also cannot claim for pre- existing or cosmetic damage ie. scratches and dents that do not affect the function of the device.  

Claims for theft and loss are subject to conditions eg. not leaving the device in sight in an unlocked car, reporting the loss quickly to your mobile provider. 

 There are also conditions around claiming for fraudulent calls, data use, or downloads.  

You may need to prove that you have used the phone regularly since purchase and you will need to provide evidence of purchase of the device.

Insurance compensation claim rejection

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