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Zurich Insurance is operating in Ireland since the 1950’s and offers motor, home, life, business, and farm insurance as well as life insurance, mortgage protection, and income protection.  They also offer pensions and investment products.

Home Insurance

Home insurance products from Zurich include buildings, contents, renters’, holiday home, and landlord’s insurance. They offer up to 29% discount for arranging home insurance cover online, they also offer multi policy discounts.

Zurich offers a multi-year policy of up to 3 years where your insurance price is fixed for the term of the policy.

Life Insurance

Life insurance from Zurich includes term life insurance and life assurance, with or without serious illness cover.

Business protection from Zurich is keyperson insurance which insures you business should a vital employee die during the term of the policy.

Zurich offers term life protection specifically for renters which offers whole of life protection and serious illness cover so that your dependents can pay rent should you have a serious illness or die.

They also offer a choice of term life protection between level term cover which pays a lump sum should you die during the term or monthly income cover which is a guaranteed monthly payment from your death until the end of the term.

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